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The Home Depot is the largest home improvement retailer in the United States, ahead of rival Lowe's, and the second-largest general retailer in the United States, behind only Wal-Mart.

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Home Depot Reviews

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  • I ordered two items, only one was shipped.

    Don't ever order anything online from Home Depot, they are the worst company to deal with and their customer service reps., don't know what they're doing. I ordered two strainer/drains and only received one. I immediately contacted Home Depot via their "live chat" and was told that I'd have to wait until their vendor could be reached to confirm that only one item was shipped. When I stated that Home Depot was the vendor I was then told it was the warehouse, when in fact that 's not the case at all. It appears that Home Depot's online products are... More...
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  • Home Depot Worst Ever Customer Service

    The Worst Ever Customer Service: I spend over 10 hours on the phone calling online people to get refund for order that I cancelled over two weeks now. home despot system is completely broken, online people tell me call local store and local store tells me call online. I spoke with two different supervisor who promised to get my refund in timely manner. now been over two week and nothing has been done. on the top of the time I have wasted by trying to call them, local contractor form home deport broke the frame of my oven and they never fixed. my advise never deal with home depot, it's... More...
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  • horrible comunication and customer service

    We had bought carpet and carpet pad and set up a measure date with the store and we thought everything was fine, until the day the measurement was set up and no one showed up, home depot said they didn't have anything in the computer about a measurement even though we sat with the associate for 20 minutes while he got all of our information. So they rescheduled, only to be cancelled and rescheduled again. The guy didn't show up until 7:45pm (he was supposed to be there between 5:30-6:30). we never received any emails about confirming anything or canceling or rescheduling. Then... More...
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  • buying a dryer

    When I purchased a dryer last night they did not anything about the 10% discount for Vets. thus I did not get the discount. When buying applance at Lowes last month I got the discount for the stove 10% Vet. If it was not raining hard last night when I purchased the dryer I would have walked out and went to Lowes. More...
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  • installation services

    In the past two months I have scheduled a carpet install and a counter top install. Neither have gone the way the employees said they would. the 72 hrs carpet , turned into almost two weeks , first the in stock carpet ended up not being in stock and had to pick another , then that 72 hrs gaurrantee didn't hold up and I was told by the home depot employee that " well the install guys never live up to the 72 hrs! Now the counter top install that was supposed to take 2 weeks has turned into 6 weeks and I still do not have an install date More...
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  • Damage to property by Home Depot's contracted delivery team

    I purchased a refrigerator/freezer for my mother, who is a senior citizen and needed a new refrigerator when the old one stopped working. I bought it on March 1, 2014 with a delivery date set for March 7, 2014. The contracted delivery team, FSA, damaged my mother's house and property by banging the walls, door frames, and entrance door, leaving scratches, dents and a huge splintered piece of the home's entrance door. They also left debris in the front yard (including the owner's manual!!) and left pieces of tape on my mother's furniture, which could have damaged the... More...
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  • Don't Order Free Home Delivery from Home Depot.....

    Home Depot now offers Free Home Delivery on most purchases above $50..... Don't use the service unless you can wait several weeks for your products to arrive. An assortment of items comes piece-meal and scattered over a period of time. I planned a home irrigation project, ordered materials thinking it would be more convenient than driving a considerable distance to get them at the closest Home Depot. That was about two weeks ago and I just received an email saying the drip hose is being shipped today. Very disappointed and will not make the same mistake with Home Depot again. More...
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  • Ordering experience

    When I went in to order my doors, I was told the price went up. They were on sale, but the sale ended the day before I placed the order. I found a helpful sales associate and waited until the item came back on sale. When I went to place the order, my wife and I had to deal with one of the most obnoxious salesperson. We were told if we wanted the item to go to front of the store and pay. I told the person at the desk, if we had not dealt with the other sales person we would not order from Home Depot. Needless to say when the order was shipped there is damage and it has to be reordered.... More...
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  • Lemon Fridge from Home Depot and stuck with it

    I bought a Maytag refrigerator from Home Depot and within a couple of month the ice maker did not work. Called, and service guy came and changed the whole ice maker unit. In couple of month, again, the ice maker stopped working. The same guy came ans said it's electrical this time. Not too long, again, ice maker broke. Called and the guy came and reset something. At all these time, home depot said, you need to fix the problem for three times. We had our three strikes before year end. But, astonishingly, home depot said, NOPE and you're stuck with it. Their customer service were... More...
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  • Home Depot Delivery - UNRELIABLE

    Home Depot Delivery is really bad at communicating and planning. They are VERY UNDEPENDABLE. We bought a dryer on March 1 and online set up the delivery for March 7. Which seemed to be OK because we expected to be home all day on on a Saturday. Their automated messaging system called on Friday and told us we would deliver our dryer between 3 and 7. I called them back immediately and spoke with their customer service and told them we had to have it by 6 because we were leaving for a very important event at 6:30. They suggested I call back in the morning and they could give me a better... More...
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  • What a scam!!

    Just over 3 years ago I purchased a washer and dryer from Home Depot in Lethbridge Alta. for my daughter as a gift. A couple of weeks ago the washer quit working so my daughter called a repair person to fix it. Was my daughter ever surprised to learn that the washer had been previously used and that someone had done some work on it. Not only had it not been repaired properly but the repairman noticed that the bolts and nuts on the washer were different and obviously not the factory installed ones. No one at Home depot indicated that I was buying a second hand washer and I find it very... More...
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  • What a scam!!

    Just over 3 years ago I purchased a washer and dryer from Home Depot in Lethbridge Alta. for my daughter as a gift. A couple of weeks ago the washer quit working so my daughter called a repair person to fix it. Was my daughter ever surprised to learn that the washer had been previously used and that someone had done some work on it. Not only had it not been repaired properly but the repairman noticed that the bolts and nuts on the washer were different and obviously not the factory installed ones. No one at Home depot indicated that I was buying a second hand washer and I find it very... More...
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  • Home Depot-Broken LG Front Load Washer after 4 years!

    LG front loading washer started making a loud noise when in spin cycle.I had a repairman check it. The shocks and bearings are shot.Warranty expired and LG won't do anything. Cost will be way too much too fix. How can something that cost over $800.00 last only 4 years. This is ridiculous. We are senior citizens and I wash 1-2 small loads per week. How can you sell such garbage? I really can't afford a new washer. When I bought the LG set, I thought it would last. My old whirlpool lasted 20 years! Wat a ripe off! Please Help! More...
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  • rented a electrical snake

    We had just moved to la. From Az. And our toilet had clogged BBoth them where. Two days we used a hand snake & trued everything to unclog it. We called home depot to rent a elec. Snake & when we got there they informed us of a $125.00 deposit. We didn't have that so the sales manager talked to his boss & told him that we needed to rent it but didn't have the deposit fee. And he wanted to rent it out like an employee rental & come to our house with us. So he did & even helped my husband fix the toilets. & when we tried to pay him for the rental he said no... More...
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  • Home Depot Bay Shore, NY

    On Saturday 2/8/14 I went my neighborhood Home Depot to purchase wood molding. I was at a total loss. I'm a female senior who did not know how I would cut the unit into smaller pieces. Near by was a young man by the name of Jose Guzman who works in dept. 27. I asked him how do I go about getting my task done for as I said I did not know. He in turn told me as soon as he was finished with his present customer he'd be happy to help me. I must say he was a wonderful young man who helped me as promised. He made sure each cut was perfect (all 8) and was so polite and helpful. He took... More...
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  • Leaking roof/gutter

    The entire corner of my dining room is soaking wet. I had a leak and contracted with Home Depot at Home Services to replace the roof, gutters, downspouts and some windows. The work was not done properly. Three years I have been trying to have it fixed and a Mr. Johnson from S. Jersey, the rudest, most ignorant person I have ever met, only has one answer for me. Until I sign that the work was done to my satisfaction, nothing will be done to correct it. This is UNBELIEVABLE and UNACCEPTABLE. Is there no decency that you allow this to continue? No pride in your name to allow such shoddy... More...
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    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. The service provided by your Protection Plan department is absolutely pathetic. I purchased a dishwasher in June 2013. I called in January to file a claim and request service. I provided several phone numbers - home, work, and the phone number for the tenants where the appliance is housed. I was told that service technician would contact me to schedule an appointment and I NEVER HEARD FROM YOU AGAIN! I called back today and was told they tried to call and were unable to leave a message. THAT IS A LIE - ALL THREE PHONE NUMBERS HAVE VOICEMAIL AND THEY DID NOT LEAVE A SINGLE MESSAGE FOR US.... More...
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  • Great service for a newbie

    I've never been much for doing it myself, but in these tough economic times, we all have to save where we can. When i was faced with a plumbing issue, I went to home depot and they helped me out immensely. I had no idea where to go or even what I needed, but they helped me though every stage. I got everything I needed and even fixed my problem. I couldn't have done it without Home Depot. More...
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  • Home Depot Bogus Patio Furniture Sale

    Purchased a patio furniture set online which was on sale at 75% off and received a purchase confirmation email only to have it cancelled a day later. Their explanation: item oversold. Message to idiots running this company: invest some money in inventory tracking system. Never again will I set a foot inside a Home Depot store or their website. All of my future business will go to a local mom and pop hardware store. More...
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    Ordered two heaters online as showed they had 4 in stock, on 16 January at approximately 7am. Received order comfirmation Around noon as no reply went to customer service at store and was told three people working in back however all three were at lunch. .Waited 15 minutes and returned to service desk and the girl there than told me they did not have any as the 4 they had were being used by store personnel to keep warm in back, if they were being used they should not be showing up on inventory online or at the store, Shopped here regularly, but now will find another place. Feel this... More...
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  • home depot-online dw735x

    does not have and hasn't had for a long time in stock. running a sale from 1/17-1/31. website says they will be in mid-January. called customer service and was told they will not be in until february 10th. they refuse to give rain check. how can they advertise a sale knowing they will not have product? they should at least give rain checks. thank you for reading wanted to get this off my chest. More...
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  • Home Depot - N. 72nd Omaha NE

    Purchased a floor model snowblower from Home Depot. I should have checked these things I know, but I assumed and was reassured that ALL flor models were new, just out of box. But this blower did have oil and gas in it. Someone - somewhere - had possession of this snowmobile before I ever got it. Returned to store next day to exchange for model still inside box. Explained to mgr. that we had purchased this blower from floor, but did have the oil and gas in it already. He reassured me - several times - that the store does not add any oils and gasoline to any implement. As I was waiting for... More...
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  • Home Depot attempts to steal my customer on $240k bid

    I was bidding a $240,000 sub contractor project in N. Hollywood, CA. I paid $40 for blueprints for Home Depot to do a take off. The regional mgr Cameron Mickey contacted my customer directly to cut me out of the project. Cameron said they already have the customer as a commercial account but he didn't know the crucial information like who to contact and their non-profit status. I have the email to prove it. DO NOT TAKE YOUR PROJECTS IN TO HOME DEPOT. They will steal your work and take food off your table. More...
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  • Life Savers in Harrison, Arkansas

    As anyone who has ever been involved with a remodeling job knows only tooo well, it is a nightmare. Add to it that you are the middle-person for elderly people whom are on a very limited budget, then throw in the fact that these people are your parents, and you pretty much get hell on earth. This has been life for about the last 6 months. I want the world to know that the wonderful personnel of this store have been my lifelines! I have gone to them with just about every imaginable problem and they have come through each and every time! I would like to list the names of the ones who... More...
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  • Employee Commendations--Home Depot #8526

    On 11/12/13 my husband and I went to the Home Depot in Palm Springs, CA (off of Gene Autry Trail). We had a list of approved Glidden exterior paint colors for homes in our resort. The colors were not available via the store displays. We enlisted the help of Home Depot paint specialist, Julian. He immediately found us the color palettes listed on our form. He patiently listened as I shared my frustration over having to select specific resort colors as opposed to using my own creative expression. He looked up the colors for us and mixed them as well. A mistake was made on my part as I... More...
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  • Valued employee

    Employee Lito Hernandez in the Santa Fe, NM store has helped me numerous times, whether I need hardware, keys, lighting or other materials. He always knows what the store carries and is friendly and helpful, I often go there instead of Lowes because I know he will provide me with accurate information and useful suggestions and I won't have to spend an hour searching for an item the store might not even have or that won't work for my situation. Thank you Lito, I know the company must value your services and dedication, I know I do. June Bryant More...
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  • HOME DEPOT does NOT publish negative feedback

    I purchased an appliance in Home Depot that seems to have a design flaw and does not work properly. Not home Depots fault, but once they deliver an appliance they do not assist in any further problems ,but refer to the manufacturer directly. Contacted the manufacturer 10 days ago but so far have not received any acknowledgement. I was asked by Home Depot to write a review for their website. I stated the problems that I encountered with this product. . Just received an email that my contribution was REJECTED - and there is no easy way to get back to Home Depot to find out why.... This... More...
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    I purchased a new house in the spring and began an extensive remodel. I went to LOWE'S and received a $17,000.00 project loan at 6.99% for 84 months. I still needed additional materials for the job and went to Home Depot an applied for a Project Loan while in the store. I was given the phone and spoke with the credit department who approved the loan and I was told the interest would be 16.99% which I felt was outrageous (Lowes 6.99%) but needed to continue the work on my home. When I received a statement from HD I noticed in fine print that the int. rate was 23.99%! not the 16.99%.... More...
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  • Home depot dot com incompetence

    I placed two orders on the same day for two separate items....simple. After nearly two months of aggravation, I finally received one. The second one went into a black hole. And getting home depot.com to refund was a nightmare. Lots of grief and. It became increasingly clear that home depot and .com are completely independent (dis)organizations that don't talk! I will never, i mean NEVER order from the .com folks EVER AGAIN. More...
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  • Bought Maytag washer

    My husband and I bought a Maytag washer on 6/26/13 at the Grand Rapids, MN Home Depot. Today(9/25/13) the washer decided to stop working. Made a phone call and even went down there to see what they would do about the washer. Even though it falls within the 90 days they won't replace it. Now I'm out a washer. I feel that they should have replaced it, or offered something. On the receipt it says 90 day return policies, but the store says they only have a 30 day policy. It's misleading/false advertising. They will never see our business again. More...
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  • Kitchen Cabinet Nightmare

    My husband and I purchased cabinets from Home Depot in Sudbury. We also did major bathroom renovations as well. When the cabinet were being installed I noticed that the design / door style was wrong on the drawers and it looked funny. They ordered the correct doors and the colour was off slightly. I was young and said it would be fine. Later the stain on cabinets started fading in areas and we called them back to look. Understand that I already was dealing with doors that didn't match perfectly already and now they wanted to send other cabinets to correct issue. I was not ok with... More...
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  • Home Depot Poor Service in Lawn and Garden

    Walked into Garden Center 20 minutes to closing, said hi to the cashier, piled up 7- 50lb bags of topsoil on my cart about 40' from the checkout, then heard the outer door running shut, the pad lock click and the cashier is walking through the inner store door without a word. After standing at the cashiers next to the closed door for five minutes hoping for a return, I left the 350lbs of soil at the door and walked through the store and out the front door vowing to go to Lowes monday night at the same time, purchase 14- 50lb bags of topsoil. More...
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  • Bathroom Vanity, Refrigerator, Coving for top of new kitchen cabinets.

    Selling a home & used Home Depot to remodel prior to putting on the market. Ordered a bathroom vanity...took forever to get and then they sent only the top not the bootom part. Had to reorder & waited weeks then WRONG one came in!!!! We just made it work since time was running out. Bought new kitchen cabinets and some pieces of coving were broken, Had to wait several weeks for those. Ordered a refrigerator to be delivered AND installed. Did npt take off plastice wrap (we had to & had to remove handles to get it all off then replace them). Delivery people did not check to... More...
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Masshole says: (1 year ago)
How do they justify charging $8.00 for a qt of mineral spirits and $16 for a gal
ie The Assoc. didn't know what it was and the customer rep. didn't understand the complaint.
The company's policy: use cheap labor and try to fleese a customer

Bamawife says: (1 year ago)
We bought a brand new high end microwave from Home Dept online and paid an extra $100 to have it INSTALLED above the oven in place of the range hood. They had no problem getting all our payment and making it very clear when THEY were available for the installation. I took off work, cleared everything off my counters and inside my upper cabinets and when "Home Depot" arrived, it turned out to be some local delivery boy from a place I had never even heard of. Our house is barely a year old. Contractors built hundreds of new homes after an F5 tornado destroyed much of the city last year, so the house we moved into a month ago is all brand new beautiful wiring, all hardwired and ready for any kitchen appliances we put in. We had somebody else install a new washer and dryer in about ten minutes who told us he hasn't seen such well-organized professional wiring like this in a long time! The delivery boy looked at our outlet, which had a closed switchcover plate on it, and said they don't install "hardwired" appliances. We now need to call an electrician, have them install a new box, then we can call Home Depot back and they can return and install the microwave. We were told when we bought it that the "professionals" could install ANYTHING. The HD manager said if we bought it in the store, they would have told us in person what we needed in our house. Yeah, I bet! The in store guys are even worse--they don't know anything and would say ANYTHING to make that sale. This happened TODAY! Now I'm getting the run-around about our delivery fee we paid, trying to find an electrician on a Friday afternoon who can't get here until Monday, I've got a huge microwave in a box in the middle of the kitchen floor, and all my plates and dishware and glasses are stacked up on the dining room table for the rest of the weekend! All we wanted was some microwave popcorn and thanks to the idiots at Home Depot, we have a huge mess, a HUGE expense, and a nice microwave that keeps getting more and more expensive! We will never shop Home Depot again!

Robocook says: (1 year ago)
I want to let you know about an exceptional employee. His name is Richard. Very pleasant, polite and also important - he knew where I could find some very obscure items. He works at the Brockton, Ma store. I cannot say enough good things about him. You are very lucky to have him as an employee!

tulare says: (2 years ago)
Don't trust what the people on the phone tell you. They must see a different list than you and I, or the people the put in the stores. Was told they have an item, then they store says they dont, but they do have similar but more expensive. Call back the support people and they toss a whole new story. If you have to go to home depot, and I advise against it if at all possible, while you are walking around trying to find what you need, they will provide an employee to keep you company. Employees dont know where anything is either, but the company going from aisle to aisle is nice. The less competition there is, the worse home depot gets. avoid it at all costs, they will rip you if your guard is down.

kkaannee says: (2 years ago)
Hello People, I am looking to stage a protest in front of a home Depo store . Who's in.......... Please e-mail me @ jc776@comcast.net

nessuno says: (2 years ago)
Home depot sells to much junk made in china all tools ,hardwear.electrical nothing is made in usa

cicchelli says: (3 years ago)
Never use Homedepot... their service sucks and they are expensive by the way.
I live in New York and they sent me a company called Preferred Contractors from New Jersey run by a guy call Frank Grieco... nice guy but my kitchen isn't finished even I paid it 10 months ago. I had to not let them work anymore and have a couple of bosses from Homedepot to come and see the terrible work they've done. still 40 days after that I'm still waiting for answer and calls... and basically been treated properly as a good paying costumer.
I will never use them again and never recommend them for anything at all. This people are hopeless.
Carlos Cicchelli, New York City

flemish5 says: (3 years ago)
Flemish 5 says Sept. 19, 2011 at appox. 2:30pm

I was in San Marcos, CA. and it was hot and the first place I saw with shade was in back of the Home Depot store. As I drove into the back I did not notice any signs saying no parking or stay out of this area. I did notice signs on the doors that said stay clear swinging doors. I did notice ther was yellow post on each side of every door opening. I was clearly away from any door opening. I was resting for about 10 minutes and a lady came up to me and said that the security will be making its rounds and they would not be happy with me being here. I did not know who this lady was and she was not in any home depot attire or apron, so I just told my self if the security does come I will move. In about 10 more minutes this guy comes up to my window and yells at me, and tells me I had 30 seconds to move my car or he was going to call the police. I told him call the police, I said I did not see any signs that say no parking or do not enter this area. Then he yelled at me again and said it was up on a pole near a bunch of pallets and outside displays. I am sorry but if you want someone to see the signs, make them more visable or put them on the walls of the building. I told him I did not need to see the sign. Then for the third time he yelled at me again and said I was told three times to move. This guy was a donkies behind. I told him that he was just that and the lady that had told me in the first place never introduce who she was and she did not have any home depot attire on. And then I told him that he was only the second person who ordered me to move. Then he said lets start over. I said that would be a good idea. He said that I was not suppose to be back here and that I needed to move. I said ok. I watch as he went in back of my car and started writing something down, probably my lisense plate number. All this guy or the lady needed to do is be a little more pleasant. I felt like I was treated like a bum or a teenager in trouble, I am 52 years old. This guy is lucky I was not a lose cannon or some mental case or he may have gotten his donkies behind kicked, hard. I just want to write this and hope someone takes head to what happened. To many times people jump to conclusions and it will work against them. I was in the wrong for being there, although it did not deserve the turn of events that took place. I do not wish to ever shop at home depot again and I will tell this story to many people I know. What is the formula for loosing customers, 2 percent die, 10 percent find a better price, 86 percent are lost because they had a bad experience. We are in troubled times and it does not seem like it will get economically better any time soon. There are plenty of other stores like home depot to shop at. Maybe this guy had a chronic pain, I do not know what it was, but maybe as big as home depot is they need to have lessons on how to treat this type of situation. And why did home depot pull all there HR employees out of the stores?

sacornel says: (3 years ago)
I ordered a garage opener from HD and the guy they sent out was fantastic. I've had one bad experience in the past so it's only fair to give them a positive review when it's deserved.

sacornel says: (3 years ago)
I paid for HD to measure for a new exterior door. Their staff said I could keep the measurements if I decided not to use their installation services.

The installer showed up early (when I wasn't home) to measure the door, but he measured for a security door instead. I went back to HD for my money back because they didn't measure for the proper door. HD gave me the run-around and didn't refund my money until the next day. HD also said that they DON'T provide you with the measurements. I find it ridiculous that I paid someone to measure a door (even if it was the wrong one) and I don't get the measurements.

I found a contractor that will install the door for 100 less than HD. Never again will I use their services.

Clarias says: (4 years ago)
I went to the Home Depot in Red Bluff CA to buy a small metal storage unit. Small though it was it was very heavy. I asked for help 3 times to load it on a dolly from a shelf but no one came. I wheeled it up to the front and payed for it. I asked for help to load it into my truck. Three more times I was told someone was on the way. No one came. I finally told the ladies at the checkout counter that I would wait by my truck. It was parked right in front of the store. After another 30 minutes and two more assurances that someone was on the way I had to load it on the truck myself. I spend two days layed up with a sore back because Home Depot would not help me.

neithat says: (4 years ago)
I would like to start out with the fact that I am talking about a corporate account, well three of them actually. We have three corporate accounts, and we spend close to $40,000.00 per year per account. We recently chose to close all three due to horrible customer service. We bought a refrigerator with icemaker. It was delivered, but no one would hook up the icemaker. Not a problem we did. Did I mention we have hooked up icemakers several times? Would not produce any ice, we tested the line, not a problem with water flow. We called our store in Gainesville TX who referred us to GE. They sent a repairman who could not fix the problem and they replaced the refrigerator within a few days. Brought us same model and again icemaker would not produce ice. We assume it is a defect with that particular model so we decide to upgrade. I was treated very poorly by Top Sales Rep. He told me that it was due to the water pressure in the lines and I needed to test the lines. At this point we have done this several times. We were also told that the refrigerator needed to be at least 12 inches from the wall in the back. I was told that I would have to pay in full for the new refrigerator before they ordered it and would have to wait until it came in to get the credit on the defective refrigerator. I had already been preapproved by a manager to simply come pick out the replacement model. This is after I left a minimum of 5 messages with the Top Sales Rep to give the salesman who sold us the first one and who was helpful in getting it exchanged. Needless to say I never heard from the original sales rep. My boss called and was told she would receive call back within minutes. They did not call us back so 30 minutes later she called them to cancel the order, we would buy one from a mom and pop store in town. Next morning we get a call from Home Depot demanding to know when they could pick up the refrigerator, at this point we had not been credited. The rep was rude to my boss and demanded that she come in to get the credit. My boss explained that was not a good idea due to the fact that this had made her pretty angry and she did not want to take it out on them. Needless to say, we talked to someone online and called corporate. We had 4 different managers call us and try to give us either the upgrade free or a free refrigerator. We did not want to get something for free. We wanted to be treated with respect and that is something that did not happen. We simply chose to do business with someone besides Home Depot and have since eliminated our accounts. The mom and pop store where we bought our replacement brought us out a similar model by Maytag and hooked up everything. We have already gotten more ice in one day than we did in a week with the two from Home Depot.

Byebyelove says: (4 years ago)
Everyone of you customers that come in home depot to belittle the employees or to even complain about the smallest things or to even act as if you knew how it is to be in our shoes. Some of you come in disrespecting us, and demanding good customer service after the fact. You go online complaining then costing people their jobs, cause you didn't get the respect that you demanded. I feel bad for all the employees who work this company, and put up with disrespectfull and ungrateful customers. I won't be surprise if one employee goes physco and starts shooting you customers cause all you wan to do is complain. So write down your complaints but don't be surprised if someone will go mad.

eoanna says: (4 years ago)
i purchased a vanity with a marble top at the home depot on hanley road in st louis, missouri-when i got it home and checked it, the top was cracked--i called the store on friday night at 8:00pm and talked to a manager whose name is renato--he was very pleasant and told me to bring it in to exchange--when i explained that i was a senior and that was difficult for me, he said that he would get an exchanger to our house--the next morning, sat, he himself came to take care of it--he is terrific, a real asset for home depot

Pitts says: (4 years ago)
I am renovating a house in Delaware but am at home in St. Petersburg Florida for the winter.
Betty Gold at the 22nd Ave store has been so helpful, she writes sku # and product discriptions for my DE.contractor. She always does it with a smile and say's now if that does not work come back and we will work out something else. She is knowledgable and an asset to your company.

newmanre says: (4 years ago)
Dover NJ Home Depot Needs People Skills Training in Customer Service:

Here is a letter I sent into home depot via the online method...

I would like to launch a complaint about the store in Dover, NJ. (Rockaway Area) A few weeks ago I had gone into the store to purchase custom closet doors for my bf. Because of how long we waited they knocked 50$ off of the price. The day before yesterday we found out by calling the store that the doors were discontinued. So last night we went to the store to get the money back for the doors. We were greeted by an aggressive woman who had no business working in customer service as she did not want to help customers. Finally a person above her made her help us. She was grumpy and failed to mention that if she was crediting my debit card back it could hold up the money being put back onto my card by 48 hours to two weeks. This morning when I called she was not happy to hear back from me. I had gone into my bank account and noticed the money had not been credited back to my bank account. While I had purchased the doors etc under my bf's name we ran it all through my credit card. When I started asking her questions about it she was short and rude. She stated she would be looking into it and not realizing she hadn't hung up the phone said "What the hell is this lady's problem" in a nasty tone. I called the store back and did not receive much extra help in resolving this issue. I tried to speak with a manager named Dan on the phone who while sympathetic was trying to put blame on me for not asking how long it would take for the money to come into my account. So now, my money is tied up, I can't get what I had started out to, and they didn't care how this was an inconvenience. We have been spending money there non stop lately as we are doing a lot of work on the house. Please help me learn what can be done to solve this. Its christmas time and I'm out money that I need because of your people. I'm also insulted and can't believe how people who are in customer service supposed to represent your company treat people.

homedepot100 says: (5 years ago)

shadowboxer1 says: (5 years ago)
This morning my wife and I visited your Wintson Churchill, Milton location looking for three things: hiding screen door for our patio doors, hardwood flooring, and project ideas for storing computer books. We entered the area displaying patio doors where a woman in Home Depot garb was on the phone. We waited looking at some merchandise she then finishedhercall and proceeded to ignore us. I then went overto her and explained our needs regarding a scrren door she then led us to the area concerned handed my wife a brochure and proceded to talk onlydirectly to my wife, who, at this point hadn't even asked her any questions. I feel that this woman maybe is taking her feminist roots to an extreme and I then left your store and went to where I was immediately addressed by a sales person I made mypurchases and left without incident. There gain of a customer your loss. Maybe you should teach your employees customer relations

cycle3man says: (5 years ago)
To the management of the Westbury NY Store: I found floor man John to be very patient, polite, and helpful in helping me solve a number of problems.

cycle3man says: (5 years ago)
To the management of the Westbury NY Store: I found floor man Andres to be very patient, polite, and helpful in helping me solve a number of problems.

kaziovc says: (5 years ago)
bought a garage door with installation. instead of the fancy trim I asked for the door lock which was included in the price. no one knows anything about the lock. cannot get anyone to come back. this is a high crime area and there are many tools in this garage with no lock. I want the door removed so I can buy from a company that will provide what they wrote on the contract.

aquino says: (5 years ago)
I had hurracane shutters installed thrue home depot ,I was never told there was a dead line to subbmit to my safe florida home so that i would get $3400.00 back from my safe fl. home .I never got nothing back.to top it off i was told it would go into home depot credit card interest free for a year,instead they gave me 6 months im still fighting. be aware

brother says: (5 years ago)
your guy "Armando" is a total rude person. Not only to me but to people on the phone. Home Depot Flagstaff AZ I will never go back because of this guy.

romero89 says: (5 years ago)
today i went to the home depot in lewisville, texas. I was help by "Mercy", i had the best help with everything that i needed. "Mercy"-that is the lady's name that help me on everything-she was really nice, polite, and help me understand everything that i didn't understand without gettin mad at me-she was really patient. "Mercy" works at the store in Lewisville, Texas-she did a wanderful job helping me out. Thank you Mercy.

ohioguy621 says: (6 years ago)
Not Enough Help in Store

ohioguy621 says: (6 years ago)
Not Enough Help in Store......gheeze

ohioguy621 says: (6 years ago)
I think Home Depot does not have enough people working in the stores. I'm always looking for someone to come help me and takes me average of about 10 minutes until I find a guy that's not busy. Usually I have to hunt somebody down to help me. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around? Never shop in Akron or Canton, Ohio's Home Depots. I do not like Home Depot anymore because of their customer help inside the stores is louzy.

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