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The Home Depot is the largest home improvement retailer in the United States, ahead of rival Lowe's, and the second-largest general retailer in the United States, behind only Wal-Mart.

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  • Home Depot Knotty Alder Speak Easy

    I was really excited about replacing my entry door and back door, I knew exactly which entry door I wanted. I made an appointment on line for July 7,2017 at 3pm. When I arrived there was two employees setting at desk,one was working with an older couple the other was who I had appointment with. She seemed very friendly and seem to know the product. I had some questions and I had not decided on a back-door yet. I had a Stevens book that I circled which door I wanted. RUSTIC KNOTTY ALDER with Speak easy."I do not know the colour in picture but this is what I want" I told her and I... More...
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  • Home depot Carpet installation

    Tried to order carpet installation. Couldn't understand women on the phone. She never did send me my quote, even though within a minute of being on the phone with her, she was already trying to take my credit card info to sell me carpet that I was trying to get a quote for. She got type of carpet wrong, padding wrong, and just didn't understand. Your Home Depot on Alexis Street in Toledo wasn't any help either. You need to stick to building material , because your customer service is to be desired. More...
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  • Cancellation of online order

    I ordered a Hampton Bay 7 piece outdoor dining set because it was on sale for $299 a week ago. I had a set already that I gave away after ordering the new set. Just received an email from Home Depot that my order has been cancelled due to low stock. I ordered the set because I have a matching set with high chairs and the same chili cushions by Hampton Bay. As of now I don't have a dining set and my wife and I are very upset and disappointed with Home Depot and this situation. We are very good customers and spend good money with this store. More...
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  • home depot san diego ca.

    i contacket home depot to give me an estimate on a souround bath tub 8/6 @ 11: am mr, oscar bonilla valdez showed uo at 11;45, i asked him did he have gps i was told I did not give out my unit # ,,I fell i would have a call be for my app to get the unit #. I was told home depot did not do souround bath tub they had to be contracted out...at the end i was told it would cost me 8777.00 dollars. what a dispont ment..i have used home depot for years, i was very didiponted.. and i have told all my friends about your swift and bate. tanya murray More...
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  • Home Depot Protection Plan

    I would like to warn people to avoid Home Depot and their Protection Plan. MY LG dishwasher hasn't worked for the last 4 month, keeps throwing the same code, they send people out to replace parts, and it still throws the same code. 6 times they have supposedly repaired it to no avail. The repair man finally signed a paper saying it is unrepairable but the protection plan people claim that since they have replace various parts in an attempt to fix it, it is not all the same problem so they won't warrants it! Buyer beware More...
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  • Very unprofessional behaviour

    We were at the Home Depot Terry Fox way in Mississauga on Monday afternoon August 7th . We were asking a sales associate in the paint department for just one question . The person who was there was very impolite and unprofessional. We saw him walked by so we asked if we could ask him a question. His reply was "sure take a number " and he kept walking on to another counter ignored a line of people waiting to ask for some assistance and pounding on the counter he was at maybe he just wanted to show his frustration about his job . Home depot should pay attention to... More...
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  • Home Depot & Premier Product

    I bought a LG washer & dryer from Home depot and I cannot get a problem resolved because I bought the items online. This is the response I keep getting when I try to contact home depot. Hello Mrs. Barnes, I hope all is well. Thank you for providing your order number. I have documented all of your concerns with Premier Product. However due to this being an online issue. You will have to contact them directly at 800.455.3869 option. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if there is anything else that I can do for you. Have a great day! WHAT WHY WOULD I DO THAT AGAIN! More...
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  • Lousy

    HOme Depot uses Temco Logistics as delivery agent for large appliances. This company is Irresponsible and unprofessional. Home Depot knows this for several years and they keep working with Temco, at least in Los Angeles area. This delivery co. damaged the new appliance I ordered during transport and the driver had the face to ask me if I wanted a discount for the damage, which I refused. Then they did not give me any info on a replacement unit; then Home Depot cust. svc. told me that "they were not allowed to give out the phone number of delivery agent support" and that... More...
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  • Home Depot Customer Service

    I went into Home Depot at Fort Oglethorp GA to look for several items.One was an item to use as extra door security. The young lady at the customer service desk asked if she could help me. I tried to describe the item that I was looking for and she wasn't familiar with it so she called another associate on the phone to ask. She tried to describe it to the other associate on the phone. I guess he didn't understand. He must have asked her why I wanted the item so she told him that I will be moving away to a new place where I didn't know anyone and that I wanted extra... More...
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  • Home Depot-over charging for item delivery

    To Home Depot Customer Service Department: I am writing to express my concerns about a recent experience with Home Depot. I bought and paid for an appliance, but when it was time to deliver I was advised that if the item was to be brought into the facility, it would be an extra charge, and if I needed the appliance hooked up, and the old hauled away this would also cost extra. Of course I was advised after I had paid and cleared my calendar, to receive the appliance. I then cancel the order, and went somewhere else, where the item would be delivered, installed and the old unit would... More...
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  • Home Depot Employee Review

    I'm writing a Home Depot to thank you for hiring such great employees as Sharon at your Home Depot #480, Phoenix, AZ. I stopped in for a few items on 7-4-17 and Sharon was my cashier. What a helpful, kind person! Sharon went beyond the pat cashier question if "Did you find everything you came in for?" She asked further about my shopping experience, was I planning on doing anything special for July 4th, etc, while efficiently scanning my purchase. Her kindness is contagious. I smiled the rest of the day. Kudos to Home Depot for hiring such great employees as Sharon.... More...
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  • Terrible Credit Practice

    My husband and I have a business and we have always went to Home Depot for our construction needs but it's time to switch to Lowes after learning how they treat customers. My husband and I have been loyal customers and have an excellent credit history with Home Depot for over 10 years. The credit manager, Anna from Indiana confirmed that our credit history reflects payments have been paid in a timely manner. I recently paid our credit card down from $2700 to $80 a couple months ago. I went to use our card this weekend only to have it declined. The credit manager informed me that... More...
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  • Window A/c

    My son bought me a window a/c for my family room. I've never had problems with any products I have bought from there. So I didn't save the box or receipt. After a few days window a/c stops working. I'm thinking it's only been a few days maybe I'm sure Home Depot will do an even exchange for another one. But I was wrong Home Depot did nothing for me. I even offered to buy the bigger one up. They still refused. I spend thousands of dollars at Home Depot a year. So I was very disapppointed with there customer service. I will no longer shop at Home Depot. I will drive... More...
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  • Poor Installation & Customer Relations

    Made a contract with Home Depot to replace 5 windows and an 8 ft. sliding door. After I signed the contract, I found that, over the years, moisture from the old single pane aluminum windows had damaged the sheetrock around all of the windows. I decided to replace or repair the damage before the new windows were installed. To do this, I had to remove the old windows and then temporarily put them back in until the new windows arrived. Since the old windows were nailed directly to the studs, it was necessary to remove the brick mold from around the windows and then cut the sheeting to gain... More...
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  • Can't get the job done

    We hired Home Depot to replace our sliding glass doors in the main room and our bedroom. Paid around $16K for the job. Very impressed that they got the job done in 1 day instead of 2, HOWEVER. Turned out that 1 panel had defective glass, and 1 screen door was not delivered. We were told they would be back in 6 weeks to finish the job and replace the panel and install the screen door. 3 months later, NOTHING. Called them, and found out that NO ONE had even placed the order for us. Apologized. Then, for 2 more months we played phone tag with scheduling person who would never answer the phone... More...
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  • Poor customer service

    It seems that the only time I have an okay experience at Home Depot is when I do not need assistance. Just left empty handed because the three ways I measured for blinds were wrong. I was trying to convince the employee to just cut the shades and I would own it but she just kept telling me how I was wrong. I could tell that she really did not want to help. FYI, I used to work at Home Depot and was trained on how to cut these stupid $10.00 shades. More...
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  • Brand new washer that doesn't work

    I recently bought a brand new washing machine from Home Depot. I ordered it online and the expected delivery date was in 2 days. However, it actually took over a month to get the washing machine. Then after having the washing machine a few weeks it quite working. It has now been over 2 weeks and I still don't have a working washing machine. I have spoken with the manufacturer, home depot and the store manager of home depot but no one has been helpful. I paid for the extra warranty and have been dealing with this problem since my Sears washing machine broke in April. I will NEVER... More...
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  • Home Depot warranty

    Had Home Depot extended warranty on lawnmower. It's been 2 months now and has been completely mishandled. It took 2 weeks to find a repair company and 6 more weeks before they looked at lawnmower. 8 weeks without lawnmower and still not repaired as they claim not covered item.the Home Depot warranty supervisors were arrogant and lacked common sense.the saga contines More...
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  • Samsung refrigerator ice maker

    5/6/14 - purchased Samsung fridge and 5 year warranty 4/25/17 - ice maker stopped working, tech came to check. Said partial restriction of fridge vent could be cause. Told him nothing was said when fridge was delivered and installed. He said he would order the part, come back and make repairs, and would have to note if a vent is not installed further service could be denied. Waited about two and a half weeks and no return nor any communication from Home Depot. My wife called Home Depot and was told the case was denied and closed. She was told to call back when the vent was installed.... More...
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    I purchased a Fridge, stove, microwave and dishwasher from home depot. The fridge came dented and the water pump/ice maker didn't work so they offered to bring me a new one a WEEK later. The fridge alarm went off the entire week with no way to stop it. The second fridge came and the installer said it was also broken because the water wouldn't work. He tried to send that back as well. I figured out that he just wasn't smart enough to turn on the water supply from my home to the fridge. I paid extra to have them install the microwave and dishwasher. The installers had no... More...
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  • Worst Customer Service

    Staten Island Forest Ave has the worst customer service! The departments are understaffed and therefore the employees are extremely overwhelmed and are nasty! The customers suffer!!!! There should be floaters that could jump in help busy departments. I asked the woman in millworker if there was anyone else working when she finally showed up at the desk when she went off on a rant about how busy she was.... I went to customer service to let them know about what happened, the customer service clerk assured me that she would be very apologetic and would help us. When we got back she... More...
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  • Home Depot Denied My Military Discount

    Today my local Home Depot denied my military discount.. Suddenly my years of military service no longer matters to them! I spend about 20K a year at Home Depot which is a drop in the bucket for this big box store giant.. But, its a lot of money to me, and I have options to spend that somewhere else! I will never set foot in a Home Depot again, and I'm sure I'm not the only veteran that feels this way. So my business and the company I work for will take their business to Lowes or Ace Hardware! Nancy Pelosi must be the new CEO? What a slap in the face! Take your business... More...
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  • Garden Supplies Help

    Van was the gentleman who helped me find all 3 items that I needed. He happily interrupted what he was doing and took me straight to the 3 different places for my supplies - 1 inside the store and the other 2 outside. He was VERY professional and very well informed. He saw that I was in a hurry so hurriedly helped me. VERY nice experience, thank you! More...
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  • Poor Window Replacement-Customer Service

    Made a contract with Home Depot to replace 5 windows and an 8 ft. sliding door. After I signed the contract, I found that, over the years, moisture from the old single pane aluminum windows had damaged the sheetrock around all of the windows. I decided to replace or repair the damage before the new windows were installed. To do this, I had to remove the old windows and then temporarily put them back in until the new windows arrived. Since the old windows were nailed directly to the studs, it was necessary to remove the brick mold from around the windows and then cut the sheeting to gain... More...
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  • Excellent Customer Service

    I wish to compliment Employee "Ana Hanna" of Store 8598, Register 1. I had a great deal of lumber to check out on Saturday, April 29, 2017. Ana approached me and scanned in everything, even before I had reached the register. She saved me lots of time, and was very friendly and helpful. This brightened my day, the fact that someone would care enough togoout of their way to make my life a little bit easier. Thank you, Ana! More...
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  • Plants offer in the weekly flyer that are not in the store

    Today, April 13, 2017 I went to Home depot to buy the herbs plants that appear in the weekly flyer ((2 for CAD5), after looking in the nursery section of the store and not find anything, i ask a lady, she show me a few plants, but not the basil that I was looking for. I ask her when is going to arrive (in the flyer you can see the basil plant), she look in her computer and explain to me that even the ones in the store not appear in the system and also the system doesn't show any future delivery, I ask her to call Cambridge store to see if they have the plants, so she call and the... More...
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  • Bathroom remodle job

    Small bathroom 14K of work. Tile job is awful. Job was contracted Dec 2016. To date bathroom is still underway. Leak flooded the bathroom and ruined the ceiling below. They fixed this however. Tiles were not properly set or leveled. Uneven and sticking out. Grout all over the place. Had to stop the installation of the shower door as base tile work was so bad. Have pics. Foreman of job is working on it and agreed job was bad. HD offering to replace entire job. Suggested cash settlement. This is not good. I expect a professional job for the price I am paying. This is not a huge... More...
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  • Home Depot Saturn ave, San Diego

    Scheduled roofing appt a month ago. I got called and no appointment. Surprise just like Sears. Then quote quality assurance called me, we can support your appointment on Saturday. My wife and I disrupted our schedules for Friday. Then the quote lol quality assurance hung up. Just like Sears. Big box stores which my parents shopped at and I try to be loyal to are not what they were. More...
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    Order Summary - Order# W572608305 Order Date: 02/17/2017Order Status: Being ProcessedTotal Number of Units: 4Order Total: $730.56BVERVIN40@GMAIL.COM Flat Delivery Rate Date: FEB 24, 2017 AFTER CALLING FOR 2 HOURS i WAS TOLD THAT ITEM WILL NOT BE DELIVERED THAT DAY. WAITED 2 MORE DAYS. nO ONE CALLED ME TO TELL ME THAT... i HAVE LOST ONE DAY AT WORK. tHIS iS NOT GOOD BUSINESS. THIS WAS ORDERED MORE THAN A WEEK IN ADVANCE. vERY SAD!!! More...
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  • maytag washer broken

    The appliance Warrenty at Home Depot is not worth the cost My washer went out on30 January 2017 on 17 it took 5 days to have anyone look at the washer and another 7days for the parts and now they are saying it will be another week before they can come to install the parts when I said that wasn't good enough and their response is sorry that's the best we can do. No concern that will be 3 weeks and what happens if that dosent fix it another 3 weeks or longer. Not happy with Home Depot Warrenty division More...
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  • Home Depot Made it Right

    Purchased a wonderful Samsung Refrigerator in Oct. 2016, was delivered as promised. Went back in Nov. 2016 and ordered Maytag top-loader washer & dryer set. Was delivered as promised. For the next almost 3 months, through Christmas, company & sicknesses in the home, noticed something wasn't good with the washer. The darks would come out covered with lint, and my husband's work coveralls came out just as dirty as when I put them in. The machine was working as designed, but it didn't clean our clothes. Contacted Kurt/salesman at the Green Bay West Home Depot, and he... More...
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  • Not awarding veterans discount

    My father in law presently bought 700 $ worth of flooring at the West mifflin pa store because it was not in stock ,he had his veterans I.d. but they refused to give him his discount because the store had to order the flooring,why should he be punished because they did not have it in stock,the other thing that bugs me is he was talked into ordering this flooring by a salesmen that knew it was not in stock. More...
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  • Appliances

    Michelle at the PIttsburg KS Home Depot is always spot on,. If I ever have a problem I know that she will find the answers I need. Michelle always calls me back and when she broke her foot and was off work, that place was a disaster. I hope you know how valuable she is to the success of your store. This world needs more caring people, like her. I tried for months to get help and she had my problem solved in 10-15 minutes. Everyone else just blew me off, never called back and flat did not care, More...
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