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The Home Depot is the largest home improvement retailer in the United States, ahead of rival Lowe's, and the second-largest general retailer in the United States, behind only Wal-Mart.

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  • Plants offer in the weekly flyer that are not in the store

    Today, April 13, 2017 I went to Home depot to buy the herbs plants that appear in the weekly flyer ((2 for CAD5), after looking in the nursery section of the store and not find anything, i ask a lady, she show me a few plants, but not the basil that I was looking for. I ask her when is going to arrive (in the flyer you can see the basil plant), she look in her computer and explain to me that even the ones in the store not appear in the system and also the system doesn't show any future delivery, I ask her to call Cambridge store to see if they have the plants, so she call and the... More...
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  • Bathroom remodle job

    Small bathroom 14K of work. Tile job is awful. Job was contracted Dec 2016. To date bathroom is still underway. Leak flooded the bathroom and ruined the ceiling below. They fixed this however. Tiles were not properly set or leveled. Uneven and sticking out. Grout all over the place. Had to stop the installation of the shower door as base tile work was so bad. Have pics. Foreman of job is working on it and agreed job was bad. HD offering to replace entire job. Suggested cash settlement. This is not good. I expect a professional job for the price I am paying. This is not a huge... More...
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  • Home Depot Saturn ave, San Diego

    Scheduled roofing appt a month ago. I got called and no appointment. Surprise just like Sears. Then quote quality assurance called me, we can support your appointment on Saturday. My wife and I disrupted our schedules for Friday. Then the quote lol quality assurance hung up. Just like Sears. Big box stores which my parents shopped at and I try to be loyal to are not what they were. More...
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    Order Summary - Order# W572608305 Order Date: 02/17/2017Order Status: Being ProcessedTotal Number of Units: 4Order Total: $730.56BVERVIN40@GMAIL.COM Flat Delivery Rate Date: FEB 24, 2017 AFTER CALLING FOR 2 HOURS i WAS TOLD THAT ITEM WILL NOT BE DELIVERED THAT DAY. WAITED 2 MORE DAYS. nO ONE CALLED ME TO TELL ME THAT... i HAVE LOST ONE DAY AT WORK. tHIS iS NOT GOOD BUSINESS. THIS WAS ORDERED MORE THAN A WEEK IN ADVANCE. vERY SAD!!! More...
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  • maytag washer broken

    The appliance Warrenty at Home Depot is not worth the cost My washer went out on30 January 2017 on 17 it took 5 days to have anyone look at the washer and another 7days for the parts and now they are saying it will be another week before they can come to install the parts when I said that wasn't good enough and their response is sorry that's the best we can do. No concern that will be 3 weeks and what happens if that dosent fix it another 3 weeks or longer. Not happy with Home Depot Warrenty division More...
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  • Home Depot Made it Right

    Purchased a wonderful Samsung Refrigerator in Oct. 2016, was delivered as promised. Went back in Nov. 2016 and ordered Maytag top-loader washer & dryer set. Was delivered as promised. For the next almost 3 months, through Christmas, company & sicknesses in the home, noticed something wasn't good with the washer. The darks would come out covered with lint, and my husband's work coveralls came out just as dirty as when I put them in. The machine was working as designed, but it didn't clean our clothes. Contacted Kurt/salesman at the Green Bay West Home Depot, and he... More...
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  • Not awarding veterans discount

    My father in law presently bought 700 $ worth of flooring at the West mifflin pa store because it was not in stock ,he had his veterans I.d. but they refused to give him his discount because the store had to order the flooring,why should he be punished because they did not have it in stock,the other thing that bugs me is he was talked into ordering this flooring by a salesmen that knew it was not in stock. More...
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  • Appliances

    Michelle at the PIttsburg KS Home Depot is always spot on,. If I ever have a problem I know that she will find the answers I need. Michelle always calls me back and when she broke her foot and was off work, that place was a disaster. I hope you know how valuable she is to the success of your store. This world needs more caring people, like her. I tried for months to get help and she had my problem solved in 10-15 minutes. Everyone else just blew me off, never called back and flat did not care, More...
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  • Kitchen Cabinets

    We purchased InnerMost Cabinets at Home Depot in Lihue, Hawaii, for our kitchen remodel in 2014. Within a year, the laminate edging began to separate from the particle board. Within 18 months the doors had warped to where they would not close completely, despite the door adjustment apparatus. To compound the frustration, the handling of our complaint by the InnerMost sales representative (Chris), as well as the staff at Home Depot, was less than satisfactory. Delays occurred through the repair of the edging and their refusal to address the door warping processes. Only through our... More...
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  • Sears broken washing machine

    Order #: W548481484 Nearly 2 months later I am still waiting for my dishwasher! I ordered this appliance online back in November, week of Thanksgiving. A month later, December 27th, I received a call from the delivery service that the appliance was going to be delivered the next day (December 28th). On December 28th, the delivery company called to inform me that they had misplaced (lost) my order and that they would follow up a day later. One and a half week later, I called Home Depot to inquire about the status of the order. To my complete dismay, Home Depot could not even get a hold of... More...
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  • Ariens Snow Blower from Home Depot

    Hi. I purchased a Brand New Ariens snowblower (off season) March of 2015 from Home Depot. I am a 60 year old female and my old reliable Ariens had enough winter of 2015. So I decided I would get a bigger one and did much discussion with the very helpful people at H.D. Last winter (Buffalo NY) we had a very mild winter and Maybe used blowed 4 times. I followed all the directions it had for storing it until winter. Again following instructions went out bought new gas. First snow it was awful. Started up but every time you put the choke down would conk out. Motor was racing up and down, and... More...
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  • Appliance shopping

    I want to commend Ryanne E. at Store number 4114. Ryanne helped me shop for three appliances I needed for my kitchen. I was a nervous wreck spending all the money and trying to select between brands. Ryanne was extremely calm, kind, patient, and knew her information. She never made me feel pressured or rushed. She was there to help me, even when I realized her shift was up. I told her she was going to go far in this company, and I recommend that her supervisors/ manager/bosses watch this young gem or a worker because she has great potential to go far in this company. Thank you... More...
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  • Incorrectly installed windows, can't get them fixed for over 4 months

    I used to love shopping at home depot. But now I hate this store. The reason for it is installation of the Windows. Chad who works there came to my home in August July 2016. We signed an agreement to install expensive Home Depot brand windows with a life time warranty. In a month 2 Ukrainian guys came in to install the windows. I paid the whole sum outright. In September with Seattle rainy and stormy weather windows started leaking. There was A LOT of water on the carpet, drapes and the TV. My husband and I started calling home depot to come and fix it just about every day. A month later a... More...
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  • Appliance Delivery

    Appliances not delivery on scheduled day. No phone call to inform that they would not be coming. No concern from the Park Meadows Lone Tree store that this had happened, only excuses. After having paid in FULL 3 weeks prior to actually receiving my appliances--3 of them mind you, I expect at minimum of a $100 gift card to the Home Depot could be offered up, as a way of saying, hey, sorry for your troubles, let's make this right. We value you as a customer. Apparently a request such as this is ludicrus when I speak to managers at the Home Depot Park Meadows Location. Find that hard... More...
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  • Home Depot Wanted to Take a Month to Deliver Diishwasher

    After waiting a week and a half to have a Maytag Dishwasher and Clothes Dryer delivered because I bought them right before Thanksgiving, the dryer was delivered damaged. They returned the damaged dishwasher. When the shippers called about delivering a new one, it was not going to be delivered until a full month after I bought it. They said they could ship it sooner but there was no one available to deliver and install it before Dec. 15. This is not the season to be without a dishwasher! When I called Home Depot to let them know I was not happy, they said they were sorry but they had had a... More...
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  • Lacking installers and Awful customer service

    If you buy an appliance with installation, please think twice. Your local appliance store may cost a couple of dollars more upfront, but will save you in the end. Be very wary of Home Depot installation services and post-sale customer service. From my experience, Home depot places very little importance on a customer once they receive your money. Accountability and issue resolution is not in the Home Depot vocabulary. You may save a couple of dollars on the appliance purchase...yes...but you'll pay with inconvenience, lack of customer service, and frustration related to customer... More...
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  • LOUD GE model GTW460ASJWW

    As a former employee of EXPO, stock holder, and loyal customer that filled two homes with only HD products, I am beyond frustrated at the lack of attention, or resolve to my dissatisfaction of my purchase. The appliance manager chastised me, when I explained I was in a hurry and entrusted her salesperson to recommend a good machine to replace the GE I had previously purchased; telling me I should have done my homework. Her employee should also do his for recommending a horrible machine to hear for the next ? years! She stood fast on the store policy of no returns. She then recommended if... More...
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  • Outstanding service by Gabby in Customer Service

    I was so disappointed with Syed who works in the smoke alarm department that when I needed help with finding out how to get a smoke alarm with built-in battery to work, because when I pushed the "test" button, and it didn't sound for any of the ones in stock, that I knew it must be user error, he said "just pick another one that is new and works". I went to customer service, and Ephraim sent someone to help us. He said there must be a tag that needs to be pulled out. I asked him if I can test it. He said I must purchase it and test in front of customer service.... More...
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  • McLeod Properties

    We ordered carpet over the phone from the Cottonwood, AZ store. We reside in Coeur d Alene Idaho and chose the color from our local store to be installed in our new property in Sedona, Arizona. Upon our arrival at our condo, we discovered that the wrong carpet had been installed. We went to the Cottonwood store and discussed the problem with a sales associate in flooring and the store manager. They played us the recording of the phone call from the installation company verifying install date, price quote and carpet color to which we agreed uoon. We did not catch the mistake as we were... More...
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  • Shower door sweep

    We needed a new shower door sweep,we went to many stores,Lowes,2Walmarts,Menards,and no one carried them,or made any suggestions where to find one. Went to Home Depot,a employee named Mike helped us,gave numerous suggestions,then found us something we could use and it worked perfectly.I tanked him but just want many people to know what a great person he was in helping us find a solution to our problem. Thank you Mike!!! More...
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  • home depot will not help order

    I have made my last trip to Home Depot after many years of being a loyal customer. I ordered a $900 kitchen cabinet. The wrong color was sent and they very rudely told me there was nothing they could do. I asked to negotiate a compromise and again I was told there was nothing they could do. A very rude woman by the name of Amy told me when I asked, "so you are telling me there is nothing you are willing to do?" She responded with, "that is exactly what I am telling you." Unlike a successful company such as LL Bean, they refuse to stand my their products. I am in shock... More...
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  • Home Delivery of Home Depot that sucks

    I ordered Fridge and Stove and was told delivery will be done on 21 from 12 noon to 5 pm.and also got confirmation of time I waited for it whole day at home and called 5 times to check the status of delivery. I called and was told my delivery time window is changed to 3 pm to 7 pm and my order will be delivered after 4 deliveries. Again i called at 7 pm and i was told one more delivery then my turn. When i called again around 8:30 i was told the delivery guys are done for the day and then i spoke to Supervisor he promised me to look into it and will compensate for inconvenience and will... More...
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  • Maytag Maxima washer

    No complaint against Home Depot, but they should discontinue Maytag Maxima washers due to the overall complaints and bad service from Maytag. Purchased the Maxima for $1100, 3 years later it will cost $721 to repair. If Maytag is not going to stand behind their products then they are only going to give Home Depot a bad name for selling them. More...
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  • Home Depot Garage door openers and installation company

    Home Depot has only one garage door opener installer in the Coachella Valley. Home Depot has a policy of not allowing the slide-lock to be installed. After waiting a week a time was set up for them to install the Chamberlain opener. It took them about 20 minutes. During that time period they installed the door opener improperly so that it only works some time. We got a half-horse so it would be quiet; instead it makes 'hitching' sounds when it begins and sometimes you have to hold the button in for the door to shut. The installer (think he was the owner of the Cross Construction... More...
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    I came into the paint department over the past weekend and was immediately greeted and helped by a young man named Hector. I needed advice on choosing a primer and paint for my basement and he was very helpful and lead me to purchasing marquee paint and primer in one with an eggshell finish (recommended by hector). So far I love the color and finish!! I will definitely come back with employees like him. I'll be painting the garage next!! More...
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  • window installation

    Great sales people for window installation. We believed they would hire a responsible company to install. In fact the salesman left me the cell phone numbers of 7 people I could call if I had problems. I called 7 and left a message. One returned my call. Problem: Installation company was scheduled to arrive at one. At 10 past one they called to say they had been held up on a job YESTERDAY and would be unable to install at the scheduled time. They had not even picked up the windows from the warehouse. We had followed instructions and moved furniture and removed plantation shutters.... More...
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  • home depot never delivered the storm door I paid for!

    I drove to the home depot in Prescott AZ to order a storm door and I paid for it. home depot said "they would call me when it came in"! Home depot called and said "it was ready to be picked up"! I called the man who was going to pick up my storm door and install it! I paid him $25.00 to go pick up the door! He drives to home depot and they sold my door to some one else!!! " Home depot said " they would order me another door" another four weeks! I get a call from the home depot in Prescott AZ and the second door was ready to be picked up. I paid the... More...
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  • Home Depot Tool Rental (Junk Dirt Auger!)

    I tried renting a Dirt Auger from the Tool Rental Department. The place was cluttered, and had a long line, but we eventually got the Auger to the desk, only to find it wouldn't start. We grabbed a second Auger, it started, and I brought it home for a 4 hour rental. The Auger was a piece of junk, the engine ran, but could hardly turn the blade. After fighting with it for some time, I got about a foot down, only for it to completely seize up and wouldn't start again. I spent the next hour and a half fighting it, and digging by hand before I brought it back. USELESS! When I... More...
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  • Horrible Dishwasher Installation

    We had a brand new KitchenAid KDFE104DSS dishwasher installed a week ago and during it's first run the machine dumped water all over our floor. I had to call twice to get the install team back out and was informed that the drainage hose some how became disconnected from the dishwasher. The hose was re-attached and the tech noticed the door was stiff so pulled the unit back out and adjusted the door and the leveling feet on the dishwasher. The second day the machine started leaking water, not as bad as the first time but still enough to take a full bath towel to clean up. A second... More...
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  • Order# W382840240

    I've already sent an email to you regarding my issues with this order and you didn't care then so I won't waste any more of my time writing it all again. I wanted people to know how bad your delivery and customer service can be. Terrible! You feel completely uncared about and unappreciated as a customer. That should never happen! If you care enough to look up the order number you can see the emails, phone calls and my problems connected to it but you've taught me through your actions to sincerely doubt you will put any effort into this matter. More...
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  • Customer Service??

    Went in to pay off my Home Depot card. We got in line at customer service and after waiting 10-15 minutes while the manager stared at her computer (until the only other person helping people asked for her help) and we were 2nd in line we were told that going to a till would be faster to pay our card. We then got in line at a till and waited another 10-15 minutes while the cashier figured out how to put something through for another customer that didn't scan immediately. Once we were finally at the front of the line I give them my statement and a number of gift cards we had received... More...
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  • Incompetent regarding kitchen project

    I am in midst of getting new counter installed and appliances. Home depot has screwed up every aspect of simple job. The number of errors is ridiculous. Lost counter template,lost reference numbers,lost telephone number,,scheduled job 6 wks in advance then told 3 days before they ran out of stock,wrong information on appliances and counter. I ve spent more than 10 hrs on the phone just in getting things corrected. No chance there is a worse place to do business with,,in fact,,find 10 people who tried to get a home project done thru home depot and you will know it for yourself More...
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  • Home Depot in Garden City lousy customer service

    The Home Depot in Garden city, KS has the worst customer service I have ever experienced at any of their stores. I shop here frequently and have quite often had to deal with rude associates as well as associates yelling at my children or myself. I have two young children and try hard to ensure they are following the rules. They can be good for all but a minute of our time in the store and it is in that short amount of time that an associate has come and yelled at us. The first time this happened, I was surprised and tactfully avoided that associate. However this has happened so many... More...
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  • Home Depot complaint for property damage

    I recently had The Home Depot install my unitized washer and dryer. When they delivered it, the hose and the cord back of the unit were not tied and hanging down loosely. The installers got them in their way and couldn't move for awhile. In the effort to get them out of the way, they badly scratched my newly installed laminate floor (also purchased from The Home Depot). I talked to the installer immediately when I saw it, and he told me to call The Home Depot claim center. I don't know who they are but it's another third party. My claim is only to cover one box of... More...
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  • special order of a door

    This review is to acknowledge the outstanding performance of the worker Fay LeCadre. At June 25 she helped me locate and buy a door which was ordered by a handymen and never picked up. The door was lost through the system and it was in its way to be returned. Fay LeCadre took the labored job of finding this door for me in the system and in the store. I am just grateful I didn't had to go through the process of ordering another door. Fay helped me through the whole process with a commitment which pressed me. I took a while to write the review because I had to travel just after that and... More...
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  • Do not order appliances online

    I had two bad experiences. The first involved a range I ordered for a rental unit. Home Depot said it would take 3 weeks and the tenant was unhappy so I called every few days to make sure there would be no delays. I was told each time that the order was on time. The day before scheduled delivery I received an email saying it would be another month. The renter gave her notice. The second experience was for a washer to be delivered to my home. The delivery people refused to carry it to the house and wanted to leave it next to the road so I cancelled the order. Four days later I called to make... More...
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  • MasterBath vanity, major delays and missing pieces

    I ordered and purchased a MasterBath vanity and cabinet through Home Depot on April 7th, 2015. Was told the delivery would be within 2-3 weeks. After a month of waiting and calling Home Depot (Rossford Ohio store) the response was that they were waiting on a piece for the vanity drawers. After another couple weeks we were told that they were waiting on a mirror. Each time MasterBath kept saying there was some part issue for their standard vanity. After waiting almost 2 months to get the vanity that was supposed to rise after a couple weeks we decided to cancel our order and start over. The... More...
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  • Home Depot day bed patio furniture warped

    I placed online order for two day bed patio furniture. The first delivery both items were not leveled. There are six legs in this bed. The two middle legs one day bed neither legs touched the ground. The other day bed one touched the ground the other didn't. I returned both items. I ordered them again and requested a supervisor surveyed the item before boxing. It's apparent that didn't happen since the second delivery one chair was missing the tip and the other chair had the same problem as the first pair one leg touched the ground the other didn't. To avoid... More...
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