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The Home Depot is the largest home improvement retailer in the United States, ahead of rival Lowe's, and the second-largest general retailer in the United States, behind only Wal-Mart.

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  • home depot san diego ca.

    i contacket home depot to give me an estimate on a souround bath tub 8/6 @ 11: am mr, oscar bonilla valdez showed uo at 11;45, i asked him did he have gps i was told I did not give out my unit # ,,I fell i would have a call be for my app to get the unit #. I was told home depot did not do souround bath tub they had to be contracted out...at the end i was told it would cost me 8777.00 dollars. what a dispont ment..i have used home depot for years, i was very didiponted.. and i have told all my friends about your swift and bate. tanya murray More...
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  • Terrible Credit Practice

    My husband and I have a business and we have always went to Home Depot for our construction needs but it's time to switch to Lowes after learning how they treat customers. My husband and I have been loyal customers and have an excellent credit history with Home Depot for over 10 years. The credit manager, Anna from Indiana confirmed that our credit history reflects payments have been paid in a timely manner. I recently paid our credit card down from $2700 to $80 a couple months ago. I went to use our card this weekend only to have it declined. The credit manager informed me that... More...
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  • Poor Installation & Customer Relations

    Made a contract with Home Depot to replace 5 windows and an 8 ft. sliding door. After I signed the contract, I found that, over the years, moisture from the old single pane aluminum windows had damaged the sheetrock around all of the windows. I decided to replace or repair the damage before the new windows were installed. To do this, I had to remove the old windows and then temporarily put them back in until the new windows arrived. Since the old windows were nailed directly to the studs, it was necessary to remove the brick mold from around the windows and then cut the sheeting to gain... More...
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  • Plants offer in the weekly flyer that are not in the store

    Today, April 13, 2017 I went to Home depot to buy the herbs plants that appear in the weekly flyer ((2 for CAD5), after looking in the nursery section of the store and not find anything, i ask a lady, she show me a few plants, but not the basil that I was looking for. I ask her when is going to arrive (in the flyer you can see the basil plant), she look in her computer and explain to me that even the ones in the store not appear in the system and also the system doesn't show any future delivery, I ask her to call Cambridge store to see if they have the plants, so she call and the... More...
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  • Home Depot Wanted to Take a Month to Deliver Diishwasher

    After waiting a week and a half to have a Maytag Dishwasher and Clothes Dryer delivered because I bought them right before Thanksgiving, the dryer was delivered damaged. They returned the damaged dishwasher. When the shippers called about delivering a new one, it was not going to be delivered until a full month after I bought it. They said they could ship it sooner but there was no one available to deliver and install it before Dec. 15. This is not the season to be without a dishwasher! When I called Home Depot to let them know I was not happy, they said they were sorry but they had had a... More...
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  • Home Delivery of Home Depot that sucks

    I ordered Fridge and Stove and was told delivery will be done on 21 from 12 noon to 5 pm.and also got confirmation of time I waited for it whole day at home and called 5 times to check the status of delivery. I called and was told my delivery time window is changed to 3 pm to 7 pm and my order will be delivered after 4 deliveries. Again i called at 7 pm and i was told one more delivery then my turn. When i called again around 8:30 i was told the delivery guys are done for the day and then i spoke to Supervisor he promised me to look into it and will compensate for inconvenience and will... More...
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  • home depo battleground greensboro nc

    Lovely selection of shower doors in bronze that I needed, however, poor communication from staff. Was told on Friday that order was in the store but because it has to be processed in, it would be best if I waited until the next day to pick up. On Saturday I called to verify that order was there and processed. Upon verification I proceeded to have it picked up and have contractor scheduled to install once it was picked up. After delivery guy arrived to pick up doors, home depot informs him that doors are is in Greensboro warehouse but not in that store. This is very frustrating and very... More...
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  • Veterans discount policy change

    Change in Policy for Veterans. This is a slap in the face for those that served their country in places such as Vietnam. Nothing a human should have to go through but yet not important enough to qualify for a Home Depot discount. Drove to Lowe's and had no problem with their policy. They were very happy to have our business. It may be to Home Depot's advantage to rethink their policy before they lose more customers. More...
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  • Home Depot refrigerator delivered damaged

    delivery men may have broken it when changing the doors because the doors were supposed to be changed at the factory before it was sent to us. I don't know if they broke it or it came that way but they pointed it out to us. the door latch wouldn't keep the door closed so we definitely wouldn't accept the refrigerator. They were nice and apologetic and we were glad they pointed it out and suggested we have them take it back. That was Saturday. Today is Monday and no one has called us to tell us the next steps. We have had to call Home Depot. someone told me she could... More...
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  • customer service

    I made two 10-mile round trips in one day to place an order for a countertop. On the second trip I fished through drawers to find the samples I needed, since no one was in the department to help. I waited another 5 minutes then spent 5 minutes looking for an associate to page someone. No one answered the page. I went to customer service, explained the problem and was passed on to a store manager who listened to the problem and took me to the department manager who told me the probably went to lunch together to work around their appointments. He could not place orders but took down my... More...
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  • buying a dryer

    When I purchased a dryer last night they did not anything about the 10% discount for Vets. thus I did not get the discount. When buying applance at Lowes last month I got the discount for the stove 10% Vet. If it was not raining hard last night when I purchased the dryer I would have walked out and went to Lowes. More...
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  • Ordering experience

    When I went in to order my doors, I was told the price went up. They were on sale, but the sale ended the day before I placed the order. I found a helpful sales associate and waited until the item came back on sale. When I went to place the order, my wife and I had to deal with one of the most obnoxious salesperson. We were told if we wanted the item to go to front of the store and pay. I told the person at the desk, if we had not dealt with the other sales person we would not order from Home Depot. Needless to say when the order was shipped there is damage and it has to be reordered.... More...
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  • Kitchen renovation horror

    Too many thing gone wrong to list. Design mistakes, no contact or concern from manager, promises not kept, problems with every delivery (10 or more separate deliveries) after delivery they said they forgot to order one third of our cabinets and now need $4300 more. Told 15% return fee when it was 40% (after we made one return) 6 separate installations. I have two pages of everything that went wrong over the 9 months it took to finish. Finally contacted their Facebook page with a bad review but we did get some satisfaction. I will now drive to Lowes to shop. More...
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  • buying carpet

    so i wanted to buy new carpet for our condo to sell, and i requested a few quote which is great at first. So the lady came in and measured with a device that automatically measures the room. After giving me a nice quote for measureing our carpet in the living room, it came up to $791.10. So i was shocked at first of the price, and scheduled for the following week. So they have people call you to put in the order through your credit card on the phone, next thing i know the price jumped up too $1,333.11. Shut the front door!...i called them back up and said "why is it so much now than... More...
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  • Home Depot Return Policy

    Took the time to ask the returns desk about returning items with out a reciept. They claimed that they could. I specifically stated, two years of random material from a job site. It was 193 items worth 435 dollars. Wasted 4 hrs bringing the items too Homedept. They rang it through their system, I gave them my drivers license and they give it back saying that it will not work. I call The Retail Equation and those fools tell me that I have returned too many in the past without a receipt. I am labeled as a someone who is fradulent and therefore put on a list of people that can not return... More...
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  • Beyond Myself with Disbelief

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. I've been reading others experiences with the return policy at Home Depot and decided to share my own disbelief. Late October 2011 I purchase two LG300 Vacuum Cleaners, one for myself and another for a family member using up store credit and gift cards. I did not know at the time of purchase that the vacuum is a discontinued item but it was on sale for $194ish plus tax (I'd have to pull my receipt to see the exact amount) so I bought them. A week later I went to visit my daughter in northern California taking her birthday gift, the vacuum, with me. While I was there I found... More...
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  • Dont believe the product reviews

    I purchased a Homelite generator hgca3000 after hurricane Irene for stand by power. The generator was ok but had a problem with the digital readout ( it was unreadable ). This was a nice feature and the generator had very good reviews. I wrote a review criticizing the generator and the way Home Depot handled the problem. They refused to post my review of the generator on their website because it was critical of Home Depot. I guess they only accept rave reviews. If you criticize Home Depot or their products they will not post your review. More...
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  • No Doors from HD

    I recently attempted to purchase new patio doors from Home Depot. According to there website and the store you can select your door and then schedule an appointment for measurements. I was unsure on the door I wanted and was told by their associate to schedule the measurement appointment and the salemans would come to my home with more samples. When he came to my home he informed me he sells and installs a brand that is not sold in the store. If I wanted the one brand that was sold in the store he could not install it. He did say he was sorry for the mix up by the sales rep, but the... More...
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  • Home depot website

    I have recently purchased an attic stairwell through the Home Depot website. They do not carry the size I needed in the store, so the service lady advised me to buy it through their web site. These are the issues I've encountered: 1) It took a long time for them to deliver it. 2) It was very poorly packaged - when it got delivered to my home the box was all torn up and mangled. I decided to keep it, because the product itself, luckily, only had minor scratches, and I didn't want to wait another two weeks to get the replacement. 3) The installation kit was not included... More...
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  • Military discounts

    my name is MSG Stephen Lay retired military after serving 27 years in the U. S. Army Today I was refused the military discount because the cashier said you had stopped the discounts unless you were retire 20 years or more, just the last few days I was given the discounts, and today they said the policy went into effect 2 weeks ago, I find this very frustrating and since i have spent thousands of dollars this past year, I will be taking my business to Lowes or anyone else who will give me the discount. I patronized you quite often, but the time has come to change i guess. Thanks Stephen... More...
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