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The Home Depot is the largest home improvement retailer in the United States, ahead of rival Lowe's, and the second-largest general retailer in the United States, behind only Wal-Mart.

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  • Home Depot Employee Review

    I'm writing a Home Depot to thank you for hiring such great employees as Sharon at your Home Depot #480, Phoenix, AZ. I stopped in for a few items on 7-4-17 and Sharon was my cashier. What a helpful, kind person! Sharon went beyond the pat cashier question if "Did you find everything you came in for?" She asked further about my shopping experience, was I planning on doing anything special for July 4th, etc, while efficiently scanning my purchase. Her kindness is contagious. I smiled the rest of the day. Kudos to Home Depot for hiring such great employees as Sharon.... More...
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  • Garden Supplies Help

    Van was the gentleman who helped me find all 3 items that I needed. He happily interrupted what he was doing and took me straight to the 3 different places for my supplies - 1 inside the store and the other 2 outside. He was VERY professional and very well informed. He saw that I was in a hurry so hurriedly helped me. VERY nice experience, thank you! More...
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  • Appliance shopping

    I want to commend Ryanne E. at Store number 4114. Ryanne helped me shop for three appliances I needed for my kitchen. I was a nervous wreck spending all the money and trying to select between brands. Ryanne was extremely calm, kind, patient, and knew her information. She never made me feel pressured or rushed. She was there to help me, even when I realized her shift was up. I told her she was going to go far in this company, and I recommend that her supervisors/ manager/bosses watch this young gem or a worker because she has great potential to go far in this company. Thank you... More...
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  • Outstanding service by Gabby in Customer Service

    I was so disappointed with Syed who works in the smoke alarm department that when I needed help with finding out how to get a smoke alarm with built-in battery to work, because when I pushed the "test" button, and it didn't sound for any of the ones in stock, that I knew it must be user error, he said "just pick another one that is new and works". I went to customer service, and Ephraim sent someone to help us. He said there must be a tag that needs to be pulled out. I asked him if I can test it. He said I must purchase it and test in front of customer service.... More...
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  • Shower door sweep

    We needed a new shower door sweep,we went to many stores,Lowes,2Walmarts,Menards,and no one carried them,or made any suggestions where to find one. Went to Home Depot,a employee named Mike helped us,gave numerous suggestions,then found us something we could use and it worked perfectly.I tanked him but just want many people to know what a great person he was in helping us find a solution to our problem. Thank you Mike!!! More...
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    I came into the paint department over the past weekend and was immediately greeted and helped by a young man named Hector. I needed advice on choosing a primer and paint for my basement and he was very helpful and lead me to purchasing marquee paint and primer in one with an eggshell finish (recommended by hector). So far I love the color and finish!! I will definitely come back with employees like him. I'll be painting the garage next!! More...
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  • special order of a door

    This review is to acknowledge the outstanding performance of the worker Fay LeCadre. At June 25 she helped me locate and buy a door which was ordered by a handymen and never picked up. The door was lost through the system and it was in its way to be returned. Fay LeCadre took the labored job of finding this door for me in the system and in the store. I am just grateful I didn't had to go through the process of ordering another door. Fay helped me through the whole process with a commitment which pressed me. I took a while to write the review because I had to travel just after that and... More...
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  • No one helped but Letitia

    I was in the store looking for a solar LED light seen online. No one could find it, one person offered to look in stock room and then call me. That call never happened so I went back to the store a few days later. Letitia was at the customer service desk and was able to resolve the problem. She found a way to get the item and was very pleasant after I complained about the lack of resolution. I picked up the item today and thanked her in person. More...
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  • Home Depot

    A negative experience at Home Depot on I-55 in Jackson MS had a happy ending thanks to customer service and care above the call of duty. My vehicle was locked due to inattentiveness on the part of a garden center employee and myself. After no assitance from the employee, a supervisor (?) Eric M. and other employees at the desk intervened and stayed with me until a solution was found. Eric M. demonstrated a very high level of care and concerned rarely experienced in the retail industry.Inasmuch as I note and complain about poor service, I want to take this opportunity to commend this... More...
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  • clay in the electronics department is awesome

    I found myself in a situation with a dryer cord not being able to fit into the dryer receptacle on the wall I went into Home Depot to the electric department came acrossed clay what a wonderful experience customer service knowledged person he was to me so helpful he taught me how to rewire the cord on my dryer gave me a diagram I went home did it it didn't blow up my dryer works fine and I'm so proud of myself that I rewired a 220 cord on a dryer I would have never been able to do this without clay his patience and understanding was wonderful I am forever a true customer to Home... More...
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  • Home Depot Cabinet Refacing

    I had a very good experience with Home Depot cabinet refacing. A representative came to me, I selected what I wanted, and I was given the price. A contractor came out promptly to do the job. He was very nice, and did the job quickly and well. I liked that the price was already worked out ahead of time and I did not have to worry about extra expenses popping up. More...
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    A couple of weeks ago i entered this Home Depot for the first time in Roswell Ga (usually i go to another location) and was in awe of the customer service I received .Immediately i was greeted and asked if i needed help from a young man named Quinion Miller. He was pulling a heavy utility cart with some supplies on it. i told him my purpose for being in the store and he listened intently but i was not very thorough in explaining. So he motioned another coworker to take the cart and he invited me to go to a desk where he pulled up on the computer what i was trying to inquire about.1st step... More...
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  • customer assistance for furniture

    I am super happy when I walked in at the cutler ridge home depot, everyone was nice and the store looked amazing. I went inside garden and there was one customer that was super helpful, her name is Yarisma Mercedes, she helped me out to pick the right furniture for me, and till this day my furniture is still looking good all thanks to her, really made my day ! thank you for everything. More...
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  • The Perfect Water Technologies - Best purchase of the year

    My husband and I recently purchased a home in Northern New York. It has a well, and as much as I don't mind having a well, I didn't care for the quality of the water. It smelled and tinted the tub and toilet orange, and it was great icy cold but the taste, had me running for bottled water. My husband did a lot or research and purchased this system. I couldn't be happier. We've been using the system over the past couple of weeks and both agree it is worth the expense! Installation only took a couple of hours and the difference in the water is remarkable. The smell is... More...
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  • Customer experience gone from bad to great due to a great employee

    I went to buy a grill this evening at Home Depot. I wanted it assembled and knew I'd likely have to wait for that to be done at a later date, which was no problem. The problem was that when I tried to pay for the grill the cashier couldn't figure out how to do a "will call." Finally, she had me take a picture of the price ticket and go to a separate building to try to pay. I knew this didn't seem right, but after waiting 20 minutes for that much help, I was willing to do anything to talk to someone that could handle the transaction. Will Jones stepped in and... More...
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  • Chuck Fenstermaker at 21st South Home Depot, Salt Lake City

    When I went into Home Depot to ask about wood cutting to build a window screen I didn't expect that I would have my screen built for me at the cost of materials! This job was for an old thick wooden basement window screen that had gone missing. I brought the one in and Chuck Fenstermaker, Millwork Specialist, built the new one to match exactly. While he was at it he built another metal framed screen and fixed a window for me. The things were ready to pick up the next work day! Thanks Chuck, you are a Home Depot gem! More...
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  • North Road Deli, Southold; Kudos to Chester @ store #1222!!!

    I need to commend one of your employess. His name is Chester. Chester works at store #1222 in Riverhead, NY. My mom needed paint and hardware. After collecting the paint we were fortunate enough to be taken care of by Chester. He was very knowledgeable, not only about his department, but other departments as well. He has a helpful "can do" attitude. He never left our side. He went with us to find all of what we needed. We were done shopping very quickly with his help! There should be more people like Chester working for Home Depot! Please let Chester know that we will... More...
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  • Home Depot best staff

    I am a dedicated customer to Home Depot but the only reason why I go there is because of a certain staff that works in your company. Her name is Marie she is an amazing worker she is always helpful,polite.she always have a smile on her face. Home Depot is very lucky to have such worker. Please take note (managers and supervisors ). Thank u More...
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  • rented a electrical snake

    We had just moved to la. From Az. And our toilet had clogged BBoth them where. Two days we used a hand snake & trued everything to unclog it. We called home depot to rent a elec. Snake & when we got there they informed us of a $125.00 deposit. We didn't have that so the sales manager talked to his boss & told him that we needed to rent it but didn't have the deposit fee. And he wanted to rent it out like an employee rental & come to our house with us. So he did & even helped my husband fix the toilets. & when we tried to pay him for the rental he said no... More...
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  • Home Depot Bay Shore, NY

    On Saturday 2/8/14 I went my neighborhood Home Depot to purchase wood molding. I was at a total loss. I'm a female senior who did not know how I would cut the unit into smaller pieces. Near by was a young man by the name of Jose Guzman who works in dept. 27. I asked him how do I go about getting my task done for as I said I did not know. He in turn told me as soon as he was finished with his present customer he'd be happy to help me. I must say he was a wonderful young man who helped me as promised. He made sure each cut was perfect (all 8) and was so polite and helpful. He took... More...
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  • Great service for a newbie

    I've never been much for doing it myself, but in these tough economic times, we all have to save where we can. When i was faced with a plumbing issue, I went to home depot and they helped me out immensely. I had no idea where to go or even what I needed, but they helped me though every stage. I got everything I needed and even fixed my problem. I couldn't have done it without Home Depot. More...
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  • Life Savers in Harrison, Arkansas

    As anyone who has ever been involved with a remodeling job knows only tooo well, it is a nightmare. Add to it that you are the middle-person for elderly people whom are on a very limited budget, then throw in the fact that these people are your parents, and you pretty much get hell on earth. This has been life for about the last 6 months. I want the world to know that the wonderful personnel of this store have been my lifelines! I have gone to them with just about every imaginable problem and they have come through each and every time! I would like to list the names of the ones who... More...
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  • Employee Commendations--Home Depot #8526

    On 11/12/13 my husband and I went to the Home Depot in Palm Springs, CA (off of Gene Autry Trail). We had a list of approved Glidden exterior paint colors for homes in our resort. The colors were not available via the store displays. We enlisted the help of Home Depot paint specialist, Julian. He immediately found us the color palettes listed on our form. He patiently listened as I shared my frustration over having to select specific resort colors as opposed to using my own creative expression. He looked up the colors for us and mixed them as well. A mistake was made on my part as I... More...
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  • Valued employee

    Employee Lito Hernandez in the Santa Fe, NM store has helped me numerous times, whether I need hardware, keys, lighting or other materials. He always knows what the store carries and is friendly and helpful, I often go there instead of Lowes because I know he will provide me with accurate information and useful suggestions and I won't have to spend an hour searching for an item the store might not even have or that won't work for my situation. Thank you Lito, I know the company must value your services and dedication, I know I do. June Bryant More...
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  • vissani table top ice maker

    we purchased a vissani table top ice maker before going on holidays to BC for 2 weeks. we figured, we could save money on buying ice, as its expensive in BC, and you need a lot of it, as its so hot there. we tried researching this brand before and after, and couldn't find anything about it...hence why I wanted to share. this is a GREAT product. we didn't have to buy ice at all for drinks, and it kept the pop/beer in the cooler cold. we even used it for our parents anniversary party! it was making 9 large cubes every 7 minutes and worked awesome, so much so, that my in-laws... More...
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  • Tile and faucets

    We had the pleasure of working with Ali Ataei, the flooring specialist of the Gaithersburg,MD location. He was very helpful in aiding us with the purchase of our tiles. He also went above and beyond when it came to returning a bulk order from the plumbing department. We were about to be turned away at the return desk if it wasn't for his knowledge and assistance. He has been gracious with his time and energy on many occasions. We will always be grateful to him and look forward to working with him in the near future. Behrouz and Farah Rahmi More...
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  • Great employee

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. Went to the home depot store 2673 of Dartmouth,Massachusetts looking to buy a new trimmer. The help a employee whose name was Warren was so great. Very professional and he answered all my questions I had. I'll go back there when ever I need something must because of how well he knew the products I was looking for. He deserves some kind of badge or something for such an outstanding job. More...
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  • Wonderful experience

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. My elderly friend and I went into Home Depot Hulen store in Ft. Worth, TX. She was on a scooter and I am also elderly. We needed help. I know that we looked helpless. We were wanting a large bathroom vanity and faucet. This young man, Stephen Alrubarii stopped and asked if he could help. He got the products we needed, helped us through and loaded them into the car for us!!! He is a credit to the store!!! More...
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  • Micro Sprinkler System

    What a wonderful Home Depot we have in Aiken SC! This is specifically to praise the lady working at the cash register, a Mrs. Dottie Andreassen. As a clerk, she could have just directed me to a sale person. But she made a couple of within the store phone calls and found out exactly in what aisle I could find what I was looking for and even gave me the name of the salesperson that will be expecting us in that aisle. When it was time to leave the store, she sped the process with a nice attitude and a smile in her face, althought she had a line of costumers waiting to be taking care of... More...
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  • Home Depot Salesperson

    I am writing this to express my appreciation to the sales gentleman that helped us on the morning of Sat Jun 15 2013, on Aisle 9 of your store in Aiken. His name is Ralph Blackman. We even wanted to tip him, but he said that Home Depot employees do not accept tips. While another employee kept asking me "what do you mean" every time I asked a question, Mr. Ralph was kind and patiently helped me with all of my queries. You see, I have never installed an sprinkler system, did not have a clue how to do such a thing, with Home Depot's Mr. Ralph Blackman help I now have a... More...
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  • Amazing Customer Service from Bryce Mcglone!

    HOME DEPOT: 3398 S Highland Drive Salt Lake City, UT 84106 Above and beyond Customer Service from a manager, Bryce Mcglone! Purchased a Brinkmann BBQ w/ conversion kit for natural gas hookup. Kit did not have "stop pins" for the process, Brinkmann just for got to add in the new model?? Bryce order right away along with new burners bc NG was not fully turning on the BBQ. That did not work- every- every time Bryce would personally call me and return calls promptly. He recommended calling a plumber to see if it was the NG pressure. Plumber "red-Tagged" the Brinkmann... More...
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  • Needed help selecting proper paint

    I was shopping at the Home Depot on MacArthur Blvd. in Santa Ana, CA earlier this week. I was looking for both the proper paint and helpful hints about stripping and repainting my front door. I was helped (and I do mean helped!) by both Dave Scott and Leon Remus in the Paint Dept. They were extremely knowledgeable and answered all my many questions in a very friendly manner. I think I'm generally considered a pain-in-the-butt but these two gentlemen never let on that they considered me as such. They gave me several options about the best way to do what I wanted to accomplish in a clear... More...
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  • Great Service

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. Saw Everett Bellamy today, he's the department supervisor at Home Depot in Glendale, California. FINALLY, I was greeted and informed by a polite, friendly, and KNOWLEDGEABLE person at Home Depot. I spend about 400 a month at Home Depot and I will now make this location my home store. More...
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