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The Home Depot is the largest home improvement retailer in the United States, ahead of rival Lowe's, and the second-largest general retailer in the United States, behind only Wal-Mart.

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  • Cancellation of online order

    I ordered a Hampton Bay 7 piece outdoor dining set because it was on sale for $299 a week ago. I had a set already that I gave away after ordering the new set. Just received an email from Home Depot that my order has been cancelled due to low stock. I ordered the set because I have a matching set with high chairs and the same chili cushions by Hampton Bay. As of now I don't have a dining set and my wife and I are very upset and disappointed with Home Depot and this situation. We are very good customers and spend good money with this store. More...
    (Home Improvement)
  • Can't get the job done

    We hired Home Depot to replace our sliding glass doors in the main room and our bedroom. Paid around $16K for the job. Very impressed that they got the job done in 1 day instead of 2, HOWEVER. Turned out that 1 panel had defective glass, and 1 screen door was not delivered. We were told they would be back in 6 weeks to finish the job and replace the panel and install the screen door. 3 months later, NOTHING. Called them, and found out that NO ONE had even placed the order for us. Apologized. Then, for 2 more months we played phone tag with scheduling person who would never answer the phone... More...
    (Home Improvement)

    Order Summary - Order# W572608305 Order Date: 02/17/2017Order Status: Being ProcessedTotal Number of Units: 4Order Total: $730.56BVERVIN40@GMAIL.COM Flat Delivery Rate Date: FEB 24, 2017 AFTER CALLING FOR 2 HOURS i WAS TOLD THAT ITEM WILL NOT BE DELIVERED THAT DAY. WAITED 2 MORE DAYS. nO ONE CALLED ME TO TELL ME THAT... i HAVE LOST ONE DAY AT WORK. tHIS iS NOT GOOD BUSINESS. THIS WAS ORDERED MORE THAN A WEEK IN ADVANCE. vERY SAD!!! More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • Appliance Delivery

    Appliances not delivery on scheduled day. No phone call to inform that they would not be coming. No concern from the Park Meadows Lone Tree store that this had happened, only excuses. After having paid in FULL 3 weeks prior to actually receiving my appliances--3 of them mind you, I expect at minimum of a $100 gift card to the Home Depot could be offered up, as a way of saying, hey, sorry for your troubles, let's make this right. We value you as a customer. Apparently a request such as this is ludicrus when I speak to managers at the Home Depot Park Meadows Location. Find that hard... More...
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  • Order# W382840240

    I've already sent an email to you regarding my issues with this order and you didn't care then so I won't waste any more of my time writing it all again. I wanted people to know how bad your delivery and customer service can be. Terrible! You feel completely uncared about and unappreciated as a customer. That should never happen! If you care enough to look up the order number you can see the emails, phone calls and my problems connected to it but you've taught me through your actions to sincerely doubt you will put any effort into this matter. More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • damage & delays

    We ordered kitchen counter tops on 4/12/15. We were told 3 week. 4 weeks later countertops delivered to store instead of our house. A week later Home Depot delivered them to our house. One piece was damaged in process. We asked for discount/ credit for the delay & were told they could not do that. They ordered replacement for damaged piece to be delivered this week. Is there no compensation for a 2 month delay ??? (& delay in placing our house on the market) Can we get a discount or store credit toward new sink ??? More...
    (Home Improvement)
  • counter tops

    May 4, 2015 Quail Springs #3919 ) 14201 N Pennsylvania Ave Oklahoma City, OK 73134 Phone: (405)749-1590 I will be filing a small claims suit shortly if the Home Depot at 14201 N Pennsylvania Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73134 405-749-1590 does not make me whole. I am an investor being harmed by the negligence of your company. Work is being delayed on my rental property because of the incorrect and missing products that were delivered and delivered late to my home. Additionally, the assistant manager Jay told me he would call me back in 20 minutes and give me a date and time for... More...
    (Home Improvement)
  • Custom Windows

    We had specifically asked for 2, big 5 ft. round picture windows that would go in our bathroom by our jacuzzi tub that you could see out but not see in. 3 different people helped us by putting in the information into the Home Depot system. I believe they got stuck on what company to order round windows from and then forgot or something that we wanted one sided glass windows. We are now finding out that our windows are going to be the kind of glass you can't see out or in and that we are out of luck. The people who put the order in are not admitting to messing up and are telling us that... More...
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  • Free Water Test

    I have been very disappointed in Home Depot's "Free Water Test." I have submitted 2 tests for my residence and, each time, I do receive an e=mail stating that I will receive a call with water test results within 72 hours. The first test was received 6 weeks ago and the 2nd test was received 10 days ago. Still no response from those that test the water. This test, it appears, is only a ruse to get set up with a salesman from the very expense Rain Soft water system. Buyers be ware! More...
  • Rejecting Reviews

    I've submitted two legitimate, rule-following reviews on the Home Deport web site, warning customers not to purchase the Q-SEE video surveillance system on account that it does not protect your private logon session. Each review was rejected, then I found others who experienced the same and had their negative reviews rejected. "They refuse to post negative reviews, therefore intentionally distorting the suitability of their products." Shame on you Home Depot! Shame!!! More...
    (Home Improvement)
  • Leaking roof/gutter

    The entire corner of my dining room is soaking wet. I had a leak and contracted with Home Depot at Home Services to replace the roof, gutters, downspouts and some windows. The work was not done properly. Three years I have been trying to have it fixed and a Mr. Johnson from S. Jersey, the rudest, most ignorant person I have ever met, only has one answer for me. Until I sign that the work was done to my satisfaction, nothing will be done to correct it. This is UNBELIEVABLE and UNACCEPTABLE. Is there no decency that you allow this to continue? No pride in your name to allow such shoddy... More...
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  • TrafficMaster Carpet Tiles Vendor Delay

    This ticket has been resolved or replied to by this company. I placed an order online over a week ago for carpet tiles and the order status is still listed as "being processed". After many email and phone call attempts to contact Home Depot about this issue, it is still not resolved. On the home depot website listing for the carpet tile item, it states that there is an additional 3 business days for order processing in addition to 3-5 days for shipping. I realize the shipping will take 3-5 business days, however I don't understand why the order processing has taken over 7 days and it still has not even shipped? Every time I contact... More...
    (Home Improvement)
  • Great service

    Many thanks to Jason at Post Road Home Depot in Indy. I ordered a glass storm door online and what followed was confusion with an online employee over use of a gift card and a damaged door shipped directly to the store. Online employee was going to make me wait up to ten days to get my refund to reorder the same door, instead of just returning it for a replacement, and there were issues getting the credit card reinstated. Jason made some phone calls, took time, was patient with everyone, and resolved it to perfection. Terrific customer service, Jason! Home Depot is very lucky to have you! More...
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  • Bad Extended Protection Plan Experience

    I bought 4 LG appliances, including a refrigerator, from Home Depot in League City, TX. After just over a year of use, the bottom of the plastic freezer bin busted out, so I tried to submit an online claim. After spending time registering all 4 appliances, the online system would not take my claim. So, I called the Home Depot Protection Plan folks and it became very clear to me they were looking to find any reason to deny my claim. At first the representative told me to call the manufacturer, athough the manufacturer warranty had already expired. Afterwards, she claimed Home Depot... More...
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  • carpet installation

    My mother needs carpet installed by Feb. 21st. She was directed to the carpet that was labeled '7 day installation guaranteed'. Upon paying they told her it would be 10-12 days. If it gets installed by then, there will be little time for this 80 year old woman to get her house back together before her guests arrive. Don't you hold your contractors to the the advertised terms? Is this false advertising? I'm sure there is some fine print somewhere, but the sales rep. was adamant that they had to install it in 7 days. If there was a chance it might not happen, we... More...
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  • Generator Return

    I recently bought a Homelite Portable Generator from S. Plainfield, NJ Home Depot on 10/25/12 - days before Sandy hit NJ. The Home Depot attendent in generator section sold me this generator that was already opened and on display - told me that its new. The receipt also shows that I have up to 30 days to return the generator and no mention of the sales being final. I went back to Home Depot to return the generator on 11/17/12 and was told that the Sale is final and cannot be returned since I used the generator during the Hurricane. I explained to them that I took the risk of purchasing an... More...
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  • measurements

    Home depot is absolutely DISGUSTING AND OBNOXIOUS! This is NOT "home made simple" I needed kitchen measurements..home depot sent someone and did the measurements..THEY NEVER NEVER EVER GAVE US THE MEASUREMENTS BUT HAD NO PROBLEM TAKING OUR $40. I wanted to get floors installed and called to make my floor purchase..Home depot said they no longer have the measurements that the measurements "drop out of the system after 90 days" Told me to restart the process and PAY AGAIN for measurements!! I said I would like a refund, measurements taken again for free..SINCE I ALREADY... More...
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  • Compliment

    Deni in the Paint Dept. Jantzen Beach Center gave me awesome customer support helpng me pick out just the right color to match up to my base color. While assisting me she answered phones, answered other cutomer questions and all with a smile. Her co-worker (I think Angi??) 9/25 around 11:30am also showed great customer service. Both of your employees are employees to be proud of and ones I hope to get during my next visit. More...
    (Home Improvement)

    Purchase a new washer/dryer online from Home Depot. The dryer was damaged in shipment but now have both. I am moving from current address the last week of August 2012. Part of the purchase agreement was install. I wanted this purchase ahead of time so it would be available upon the move. I request that Home Depot install at the new residence. REAFFORD L LAMSON LINCOLN, NE 402-435-8298 More...
    (Repair Services)
  • Flooring Issue

    In Feb. 2011 we bought 6 cases of trafficmaster carpet tile through the Home Depot's online store and installed them in our dining room, with the thought that if one got stained, we'd be able to swap it out. It looked good initially, but started to show wear really fast, and then the corners of the tiles started coming up when vacuuming. Also, whenever we had a spill, that section of tile would no longer stay stuck down. We had extra tiles, so we swapped out about 12 tiles, but after a bit of time, even these these tiles started coming up. Here's a link to what the... More...
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  • Compliment

    I dropped a check that I had endorsed already, in the millwood department at Home Depot in Kenner LA. Please give a big commendation to Maurice Jones the employee who found the check and took time to track me down. It was made out to "cash" and it was endorsed - anyone could have legally cashed it. But Maurice was honest and helpful. I hope that you are glad to have him as your employee. More...
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  • Cabinets are Horrible

    We recently purchased cabinets from Home Depot. When we received them, we were in shock in how bad they looked & how poorly the workmanship was. There were four of us adults who had looked at the sample in the showroom, but none of us were prepared for what we received. I cried.. The sales person from Home Depot & the cabinet company representative came to our home to look at the cabinets. They agreed that we did not receive the product that we were shown in the showroom...but they are not going to do anything about it. I would understand if we had been shown what we would be... More...
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  • Appliance price not honored

    I am building a new home. On Black Friday I ordered an LG 31 Cubic Refrigerator at the Home Depot store in Festus MO. The price was $2198.00 down from $3100.00. I thought the refrigerator was on order. The paper work stated that the Home Builder would pay for and pick up the refrigerator when the house was ready. What I thought was an order was instead written up was a "Quote" that expired in 7 days. I did not realize this, and the builder obviously did not know there was an expiration date. Nowhere on the Quote was it stated that it would expire and the purchase price would... More...
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  • Appliance rpelacement under warranty

    i purchased a double door refrigerator just as Home Depot was introducing their own inhouse warranty plan. They have since sold that service and outsourced it to local repair companies that are either incompetent or have no incentive to fix the appliance. My refrig has been down three weeks--including the holidays with the local store in Huntington Beach a complete failure in follwing up. They state they are not the warranty people and cannot replace my refrig as it was a :fix or replace" warranty. A case study in how not to cultivate customer loyalty. Repair company only schedules 5... More...
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  • Contract &credit card

    failure to honor contract to install a new roof and charged credit card 8K dollars when they were surpossed to do 2K as a 25% down payment. Credit caused me to go over credit limit and my credit score to drop 18 points. Home Depot cancelled contract and did not even put new roof on. I want this issue correct with the credit reporting agencies and my credit card charges removes. I have received a complete run a round by employees, being dishonest is not a way to do business, I feel that the representatives saw that they were dealing with a female and tried to take advantage. I hope that... More...
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  • flooring

    Had Home Depot measure for carpet in late August for my disabled mother who had a flood from Hurricane Irene. After 3 trips to the store and a total of 3 hours wasted with the clerk, placed order on 9/2/11. Paid extra to move the little bit of furniture in rooms. Find out days later that some of the carpet was backordered. Weeks later received a call that carpet was finally in. When installer came to house, he spoke very little English and said he only had some of the carpet. No help from him. Store said a mistake was made and would call when rest came in. Carpet came in and scheduled... More...
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  • Censoring Product Reviews

    Two different times (several months apart) you rejected my negative online reviews of a product I purchased from you. My reviews weren't hostile, threatening or vulgar. They merely stated the facts and my bad experience with the product I purchased. By censoring your product reviews, your are corrupting the process and deliberately misleading your customers about the suitability of your products. More...
  • Negative Credit Report

    I called Home Depot on several occasions regarding a 30 day late that was reported on my credit report. We moved and our mail was not being delivered even though we had placed a forward on our mail. Furthermore, I have had major medical issues over the last year, with more than 20 stents placed in my pancreas and most recently a $60,000 surgery to repair my stenosed pancreatic duct and common bile duct and sphincter muscle. I called Home Depot asking if they would remove the negative information from my credit report as I was not receiving my mail due to my most recent move and my medical... More...
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  • military discount

    My wife has used my military card many times at this store and all of a sudden this has become an embarassing issue. She was told she couldn't use it even if I were to say so in a letter or phone conversation. Whatever the reason. She was humuliated in front of her brother and sister in law as if she were trying to collect funds from them fradulently. They made her feel ashamed that she is my wife and has to do the shopping for me as I am not able to get around as I am 100% diabled and need her help in everyday tasks. She is my caregiver and I depend on her for everything. They... More...
  • employee commendation

    I want you to know you have an exceptional employee, Paul Santacroce (salesperson PS83IH), in your New Rochelle, NY store. His knowledge of cabinetry,appliances and remarkable problem-solving abilities are rare indeed. Paul went above and beyond traditional call of duty in patiently assisting and teaching, INCLUDING a problem solving effort at my home on his spare time.If the quality of a firm's employees is an indication of future success, then Home Depot has a very bright future. Daniel Gallivan dangjr@aol.com More...
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  • flooring delivery

    I ordered hardwood flooring on 6/8/11. The order was supposed to be delivered at the Glendale home depot (NY) by 6/22 for pick up. On 6/23 I called and was told that it was not in the store yet and that I had to wait couple more days. On 6/28 I called again and was told that it was still on the way. I then called directly to the supplier and asked about my order. They've never heard anything about it and said that home depot did not contact them about this order. After an hour spent with the supplier, they agreed to send flooring to the store. On 6/29 home depot called and told that... More...
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  • N hance cabinet color change

    I used Home Depot to remodel my kitchen got new granite counter-tops and they are PERFECT. But the color change of my cabinets from White Wash to a dark cordovan has destroyed my existing cabinets. Doors have been put on wrong, they wobble, there is at least 6 different colors and NOT due to wood variation, some places look like grafitti, some places don't even have color, there are maybe 2-3 doors that came out ok of 40 I have been working with the specialty department for 4 months staying calm cool and collected. But nothing has been accomplished. The contractor had gotten stain all... More...
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  • Horrible service

    I used to love this store. It was never as busy as some of the other Home Depots, probably due to it being newer. They also honor my military ID for a 10% discount. Then I ordered new special order carpet to be installed by them. First the carpet I ordered was backordered by the manufacture and I was not advised of this until a few days after purchase of the carpet. But, you know things happen. So I was ok with it. However, when my carpet showed up to be installed part of the carpet was incorrect. The package was marked correctly but the product inside was not the correct carpet. The carpet... More...
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