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Home Depot Complaint - I stopped by Wal-Mart to get...
Home Depot Complaint

Home Depot Complaint


I stopped by Wal-Mart to get...

I stopped by Wal-Mart to get Good Start Formula. Good Start had sent several coupons for $8.00 and $1.00 off a can of formula. I got the LAST three cans on the self (not the first time Wal-Mart has been out of a product). I took my cans to the register, first the clerk rang up my three cans of formula...no problem there, then she went on to take my coupons. Understand now, that I am educated, but rarely have common sense handy...until this day. I handed her my coupons. The first thing she did was look for a barcode to scan. No bar code. Then she hollered to cashier behind her. He said, "run it as a check." (Now it says on the bottom of the coupon..'Consumer, use as a coupon. Retailer, deposit as a check.' So she sticks it in the check reader. No luck. She does this, no lie, 9 more times...same outcome. (Isn't that the definition of insanity...doing something over and over again the same way and expecting a different result??? - I digress). Anyway, she then has to call over her manager, who now looks like a woman with some experience under her belt...and a tad bit of common sense. The woman behind me groans audibly. So the csm tries to run it as a check....I guess she thinks she has the magic touch...but, alas, she is no King Midas...no go with the check reader. So then Ms. Queen of Intelligence decides to just type it in on the computer. The register takes the check. Now, you'd think things were going to be alright. I've got the last three cans of formula in a bag, I've got coupon acceptance...the woman behind me has paused in her lament...but sadly, we are talking about Wal-Mart employees here. (I think if you get turned down at McDonald's for employment, they send you over to Wal-Mart). So here I am...45 minutes later and the csm says to me, as I had her my other two coupons, "it's only one coupon per purchase." IS THIS WOMAN A COMPLETE MORON!!!!????? So calmly, I explain that I am purchasing THREE cans of formula and I am giving her THREE coupons. Oh, noooooooo...this won't work. A purchase to this dear woman is counted as the number of time they ring you up at the register. So I politely, but exasperatedly say, "then m'am, take the other two cans off the total and I will come back through the line two additional times." All the while, the woman behind me has begun to not only make faces and groan audibly, she is also trying to give directions to the cashier and the csm. So they take the two other cans off the total. Then the csm gives the coupon back to me and says for me to sign the back. Being very familiar with the coupon, by this point, I politely (don't know how I'm still being polite...only the Grace of God!!!) I say, "m'am, this is for the retailer to sign." She says, "I know, you have to sign it." Then I said, "m'am, you are the retailer." Still, no light or illumination of any intelligence even blinks in this woman's eyes. So, I try to help again...I read her the statement above the line that clearly states 'Retailer's Signature.' It says, 'Retailer, by signing on the line below, you are stating that this coupon was used in the purchase of a can of Nestle Good Start Formula....." I look at the woman...no hint of comprehension. She says "m'am you have to sign the back..."

1 hour after I had begun this whole experience of buying formula for my child....I signed the back of the damn coupon and went to WinnDixie and got three more cans of formula with my coupons...where the cashier was very familiar with written English and common sense.

I don't care if my family has to wipe with the Penney's catalog because no other store in town carries toilet paper....I WILL NEVER SHOP AT WAL-MART AGAIN!!@!!!!!

P.S. I did fill out a comment card at WinnDixie and raved about their service, naming each helpful and knowledgeable person!

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